Sunday, December 13, 2015

Samir resign after criticizing the post – Göteborgs-Posten

The day started year Musikhjälpen in P3, but a strike from Samir Badran on social media last night received the program start rocking. After much criticism on social media, he will now leave his role as ambassador.

– I understand that people get angry over a place like this post, and it will be the rightly. Näthat is a huge problem and it often affects girls, says Samir Badran in a statement.

Samir Badran, described as artist / television profile / blogger , must have put a picture on Instagram where the followers were invited to “tag a whore” – “take a hoe” – perhaps not surprisingly given reactions.

Among other things, the radio profile Sanna Bråding criticized the post when she starred TV4 on Sunday morning, even comedian cake Hermansson has drawn attention to the event on social media.

Musikhjälpen fielded a crisis meeting with Badran Sunday. Now he has chosen to leave his role as ambassador.

– I wanted to be a good ambassador for the Swedish people, but has now decided to step off the assignment. The risk is great that the focus ends up on this rather than on Musikhjälpens theme. I really hope the Swedish people will continue to engage in Musikhjälpen, that will I do, but in other ways during the week, he said in a statement.

He rejects from the post and believes that it is someone else who wrote the post from a loan phone that he had previously used.

– I got angry calls and saw that much hatred has arisen in connection with the image and apologize from my heart that this has happened, and to those who were tagged in the picture. I have now changed the password on my social media. Forgive, he writes on his Instagram.

SVT themselves wanted to Paradise Hotel star would remain, but that is not the case. However, he will participate in another way during the week.

– We think it is sad that Samir right now do not want to go in as ambassador, we wanted him to be there but respect his decision and support him . He will be in Musikhjälpen during the week in other ways and we are happy, says Petter Bragée, program manager and publisher SVT Malmö, in a statement.


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