Friday, December 18, 2015

Now, Arne Weise comeback julvärd – Expressen

Arne Weise makes a comeback as julvärd.

SVT’s legendary julvärd to participate in the web TV broadcast of the news site News55 on Christmas Eve.

– It is flattering and it is fun, says 85-year-old to the site.

After 30 years as julvärd SVT chose Arne Weise in 2002 to leave the honor. But now television legendary comeback. On Christmas Eve he will act worthy of the news website News55′s web TV broadcasting.

– It is flattering and it’s fun. Thirty years on TV is a long time but it’s great that I can wish the Swedes Merry Christmas over the Internet instead, says Arne Weise to the site.

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Arne Weise says ankedoter as julvärd

News55 writes at visitors to the site will take part of anecdotes and lovely memories of Arne Weises previous Christmases. Movie clips will be published at regular intervals throughout the day.

– And at 15 o’clock there will be an additional great reason to peek at us, says Artur Ringart, CEO and co-founder of News55 and continues:

– It is fantastic to start our new venture with such a beloved television profile. For many of us with more experience of life on the neck is Christmas Eve strongly associated with Arne Weise. Therefore, it feels great to feast in honor give our visitors some warmth, companionship and nostalgia.

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gina dirawi year julvärd SVT 2015

Arne Weise left his post as julvärd SVT 2002. Since then, hosting changed between profiles on the television channel each year. A couple of weeks ago, it was clear that this year julvärd becomes Hosted by gina dirawi. In an interview with Expressen told her that she looked great on just Arne Weise as julvärd.

– When I watched him when I was little, I thought he was very present , there was a lot of heat, a person you wanted to have in their living room. I’m a good presence, working with heart and will feel warm. I’ll try to do it my way, ‘she said then.

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