Monday, December 21, 2015

Here he reads the wrong winner of Miss Universe live – Resume

Dunder tab in the Miss Universe
Miss Universe decided in Las Vegas the night of Monday Swedish time – and it was totally wrong. Millions of TV viewers did not see TV host, comedian Steve Harvey , read error on his script cards and Koran Colombian Ariadna Gutierrez to the winner. It was no longer celebration colombia scan. A seemingly stunned runner received the crown taken away when Harvey corrected his mistake. The correct winner was the Philippine representative Pia Alonzo Wurtz Back .
Adweek speculate that it’s all about a deliberate mistakes to get publicity, but concludes that there appears to be a genuine gaffe.

Elisabeth Höglund criticism gina dirawi
last week led gina dirawi Musikhjälpen SVT and made the following statement broadcast live

– I think that our politicians are a bunch of fucking idiots because they always leave it, it will always shitting themselves. And so it is the children who suffer, said the program director, noting that future generations will suffer the politicians’ decisions on climate change.

It made the journalist and longtime SVT employee Elisabet Höglund flinch.

“It is important to critically examine our politicians’ actions and non-actions but in broad terms blaming all the politicians for being a bunch of idiots, it’s like I see it a test of major of judgment and great ignorance. gina dirawi, in her position as a media phenomenon, must personally learn to take responsibility for what she does and how she expresses herself. “writes Elisabeth Höglund on their blog.

Facebook butts Flash videos
Only half a year after Facebook’s security chief appealed to Adobe to discontinue the format, so has the social network now stopped using Flash for video . These now charged instead with HTML5. At the same time, Flash is not completely banned from Facebook. Many games are alltjämtär Flash-based. It writes The Verge.

Musikhjälpen pulled in 31 million
Saturday released the hosts out – after seven days in Musikhjälpens cage in Linköping. While record 31 million crowns went to the climate, type SVT News.

Trump: Prove that Putin murdered journalists
The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Putin have praised each other in recent months. This weekend defended the property tycoon Russian President, claiming that no one has proven that Russian journalists have been murdered under his rule. The comment came during an interview on the television program “This Week,” says the Washington Post.

Rheborg want to make films about Solsidan
On Sunday aired the last episode ever of ‘sunny side’ of TV4. The fifth season ended yesterday, is scheduled to be the last. The actor Johan Rheborg who plays Frederick opens the way for a future “Solsidan” film. – Is it a good script so I would like to make a movie of the ‘sunny side’, says Johan Rheborg Expressen.


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