Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dancers boycotted Julgalan – Vasterbotten Courier

The turbulence surrounding the controversial Julgalan continues. In Växjö yesterday got the idea implemented without four dancers – who refused to go on stage in protest against the failure gage, writes Aftonbladet.

One dancer says the newspaper that they were promised payment before the show – but it never came despite Julgalan sent acknowledgment.

– If they say they will pay and it still has not got any money two days after acknowledgment, there is the chance to believe that one does not will get paid, says the dancer.

The artist Linda Pritchard, who performed at the gala, defends his colleagues:

“Dancers are always working the hardest, repaired most of all, wear the most physically and always get the worst paid. But when they do not even get paid varnish I get out! “She wrote on Instagram.

A representative of Julgalan writes in a text message to Aftonbladet that there has been a” busy week “and that the money should come on Monday .

Last week requested the company Julgalan Stockholm AB bankrupt since the company that marketed the gala should not have been paid.


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