Tuesday, December 29, 2015

“More rock & roll is not in any body ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

Motörheads göteborgske drummer Mikkey Dee talks about his friend Lemmy Kilmisters sudden death.

Motörhead singer Lemmy is dead. His passing came as a surprise for the fans as well as those closest to him, as the band’s drummer göteborgska Micael “Mikkey Dee” Kiriakos Delaoglou.

– It came as a huge shock. I got the message that he was sick yesterday and Lemmy got it himself the day before yesterday. The cancer was everywhere, brain, neck, everything. It must come bang on as rapidly as possible. Then they said he had two months to live. Lemmy decided that he would not be a carrot, but said, “I had a good run, fuck it,” took it easy, played some video games and then he fell asleep. I would actually go over to Los Angeles after the New Year and greet him but not even that we had time.

Mikkey Dee says he noticed that Lemmy gone down very much in weight recently and urged him because fatten up before the European tour that would have started in January.

– Lemmy is a man of few words, but this was even worse. He was very little energy but we thought it was because he was so skinny and we decided that he would eat up on potatoes and pasta.

On the stage, did however Lemmy everything and Mikkey Dee thought that both he and the whole band was better than they have ever been in the last three years. Something he also think that the Swedish press missed when they played in Sweden.

– It was not quite like they knew us and knew what challenges we stood on stage with. Instead, they held on like Lemmy should have been 28 years. In his state, he could maybe give 60 percent. But to even give 60 percent when he was so poor he gave 200 percent. It is quite incredible.

For the fans and the music world Lemmy was an icon but for Mikkey Dee who played with him for over 25 years, he was more than that. He was a friend, a brother, a relative, a colleague, a hobby buddy and a party buddy.

– I am extremely proud and happy to have got to be a part of his life and I know he thought the same thing about me and Phil. It will be very strange not to stand on stage with the two gentlemen again. It’s terrible for me but almost worse for those in the world who had the privilege to be near him. It is an incredible loss to the music world and for all really when such a guy walks away, more rock & amp; role is not in anyone’s body.


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