Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The bill for Eurovision 120 million – Expressen

Eurovision led by Måns Zelmerlöw – who got the issue when the profits in Vienna – and Petra Mede.

– We started whispering and whisper the same night that I won, says Zelmerlöw.

The bill for the party lands at SEK 120 million, while the security of the event rigorous.

Yesterday it became official: Petra Mede, 45, and Måns Zelmerlöw, 29, leads the Eurovision Song Contest decided in the Globe May 14

Last year’s winner Mans Zelmerlöw received matter the same night as he took the victory in the competition last spring.

– We began to whisper and whisper the same night that I won. They asked if I was interested. And it was me. It feels like a once in a life time thing, it can not refuse. Above all, because I feel so safe in this context. I have a relationship with the audience and are very happy, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

Last Eurovision was held in Sweden in 2013. When the contest was held in Malmö with Petra Mede as hostess. She was praised for his great effort.

– It is creditable. It feels like you did something right last time, says Petra Mede.

To refuse to once again lead the program was not an option.

– It’s fun to say no to. And the twist, to do it with Mans, did it suddenly became a new opportunity to work with our dynamic. It was just the person I wanted to do it, says Petra Mede.

Martin Österdahl: “Two super pro”

SVT are very satisfied with their choice of host.

– As Europe sees what these two can do together, I think we will be very surprised, it’s really two super pro, says Martin Österdahl as executive producer.

The budget for the event is 120 million.

– We have basically the same budget as before time. SVT is normally never charged with the production budget, but in this case, you do it. Our budget is that it is here that most may cost SVT SEK 120 million, he said.

Martin Österdahl: “Super High security”

Meanwhile, across Europe shaken by the terrorist attacks in Paris 13 November.

– It is always super high security at events of this type, says Martin Österdahl.

– As for the arena area and stadium safety is always the highest security level. We are responsible for 43 European countries, there will be a rigorous security around it.

If the collateral is something you discussed?

– It discusses we always have.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be held May 9 to 14


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