Monday, December 21, 2015

Atkins opens up new “Sällskapsresan” – Expressen

The cult hit “Sällskapsresan” is constantly up to date.

Now open Lasse Åberg, 75, up for another movie about Stig-Helmer.

– It’s silly to waste the “old man”, he is so well-established, says Atkins.

scrawny, pale and clumsy. So introduced herself Stig-Helmer Olsson for the first time for movie audiences in 1980 in “Sällskapsresan”.

Since then there have been a number of follow-ups: Stig-Helmer went among others to the Alps, learned to play golf and sailing in the archipelago. 2011 came “The Stig-Helmer Story” about the character’s childhood.

Now, open the creator Lasse Åberg, 75, for another film about Stig-Helmer, something that Aftonbladet was the first to talk about.

– I always go around and thinking of different themes. I have been doing since 1977 and sometimes longing to return to that type of business, says Lasse Åberg.

Lasse Åberg: Stig-Helmer are incorporated

One of the most common questions Åberg get is right “when will the new movie?”.

– I know it’s silly to waste the “old man”. He is so well-established, just like Donald Duck at Christmas.

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How do you plan on doing a new movie?

– You have to find a theme that people can recognize and relate to, type an A ferry. You can not make a film about nuclear physics, then tan no.

Is it a dream to make another movie?

– No, not at my age, although I am a spirited 75-year-old. I go all the time and thinking of different ideas and always looking to have creative assignments. It could be movies, books or exhibitions. I have not been employed since 1958.

“suffered a stroke”

The work on a new film, however, has not been as high priority so far. This is because Lasse Åberg producentvän, Bo Jonsson, suffered a stroke a few years ago.

– It complicates the situation, the whole project was based on our personal chemistry. But I’ll get me one thinks it is fun once you get started, says Atkins.

What are you doing for Christmas?

– I’ll train my guitar, eat well and read Leif GW Persson’s autobiography.


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