Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SVT Debate soon a distant memory – Aftonbladet

On Thursday broadcast the final episode of SVT Debate ever.

Throughout the 27 seasons rulers and ordinary people discussed the current social issues in the program.

– There are very few programs that keep up with so far, says debate, project manager Martin Jönsson told Aftonbladet.

The 27th season of SVT Debate will be the last. The program’s absolute final episode airs on Thursday, which OT was the first to talk about.

– There is no drama behind. Debate has been a long time and we felt it was time to renew. Different programs come and go. We have still made more than 500 programs, says project leader Martin Jönsson told Aftonbladet.

He says it’s rare that programs are broadcast as long as the debate has done.

– It depends on the that there has been a strong and useful format that has played a role in the public debate, he said.

– There are certainly many people who feel it is a bit sad. There are many voices that have been heard who otherwise would not have been heard. It has been a place where anyone can get to meet power.

Why do you choose where to put down?

– The answer to that will shortly . More than that, I will not say.

“New name, new decor, new host”

During the autumn season of debate has been former TV host turns leading the program. One of them is Lennart Persson, who led the program’s first ten seasons.

He says that SVT will start a new debate program.

– They do well only if the program with a new name , new decor and a new host. It’ll be fine. Each has its place, he said.

Meanwhile like Lennart Persson did not consider it necessary to close down the program.

– Debate had kept still as it is now, I think. But it’s good to stir the pot. New brooms sweep better than the old. It’s a little nostalgic myself, but it will be exciting to see what happens. Hope they keep the best and develops it, he says.

“Hope it goes better this time”

It is not the first time SVT trying to renew the format.

– We must hope that it gets better than the last time they made the application. Then there was some asshole high up in the SVT management that took away the audience, when I had been driving for a year or two, says Lennart Persson.

For a while there was talk of removing the “conflict” in program.

– It’s like making a sports program without sport. A love film without love. So I hope it goes better this time.

Martin Jönsson would not comment on whether there will be a new debate program.

– The answer to that question shortly, as I say, he says .

gina dirawi saw SVT’s Debate “Ignorant and discriminatory”


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