Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star wars “took the German church – Vasterbotten Courier

A Protestant church in Berlin was filled with light sabers and people in the Darth Vader costume on Sunday to celebrate the premiere of “Star Wars: The Force awakens.”

Priest graduate Ulrike Garve opened the service with the words “The wait is over, power has awoken!”, whereupon the scenes from the movie “Return of the Jedi” was projected on a screen beside the altar.

Garve mean that the struggle between the bright and the dark side in “Star Wars” films is similar to the message of the New Testament.

– The more we talked about it, the more similarities we found between the Christian tradition and “Star wars “films. We wanted to draw attention to our church attendance on these similarities, says Ulrike Garve.

The service has been called both the “sinful” and “disgraceful” on social media, but the priest Eva-Maria Menard mean that the Church must “take up contemporary issues “.


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