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It has its advantages to be friends with a watchmaker. – Sydsvenskan

Description: Maria G Francke

Published December 12, 2015


It has its advantages to be friends with a watchmaker.

Quite apart from whether it happens to be a lovely person who makes you happy every time you hit it, it’s what here with bells.

Once for quite a few years ago I went to the watchmaker, let’s call him Klocke-Per because it is so he called, and said that after years of advertising watches on the left arm come to the conclusion that I wanted a really nice and solid men’s wristwatch, type Omega. Probably he knew me better than I knew myself for a short time, he presented two different wristwatches for me. I jumped on both of them:


Pretty far from Omega, right? But that’s simply so I work. Go into a clothing store and think now I buy anything black . Comes out with something floral in bright holiday colors.

Sicuran is powered by two batteries, and both supplies the bulbs (the three dots above the “clock face”) with force. The actual clock pins on the good itself. The bulbs are needed if we are to see what time it is when it is dark. Suncruxen to right are completely useless when it’s dark and it always takes some time to figure out what time it is when you look at it. But it’s a great conversation piece. I’ve had a lot of fun with these two watches, but never by more than one of them at the same time.


But eleven years ago, we went through my father’s house, when he had died. There I found his old Tissot, which he always wore when I was little. I have written a bit about in another post . Now it had a very worn leather bracelet in some sort of Western style, the glass was completely broken scratched and looked sad and forlorn. It needed a visit Klocke-Per.

Following a turn in him got the new glasses and a matching bracelet and since then it has been sitting on my wrist. Until now. I dug Sicuran and Suncruxen few weeks ago and went to my watchmaker who got new batteries. Now alternates me, but daddy’s old usually fall on weekdays because the other two are clumsy and not very compatible keyboard.

Of course, I need none of these watches to keep track of what time it is. Keeping a watch on the arm is nowadays about something completely different. Something emotionally, or that it is instead a bracelet. And bracelets can be notoriously not get too much of.

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