Monday, December 21, 2015

Wrong Miss Universe was appointed: “Terrible” – Expressen

The night was named the “wrong” beauty queen when Miss Universe was held in Las Vegas.

It was the TV host Steve Harvey who happened to read out the wrong winner – and Miss Colombia had to leave over the crown to Miss Philippines.

– I take responsibility for this, it is my mistake, says Steve Harvey in the program.

In the night settled the beauty contest Miss Universe in Las Vegas – but the competition had a very unexpected conclusion. When the show host Steve Harvey would announce this year’s winner was awarded the title of Miss Colombia. But the happiness turned out to be short for Miss Colombia’s part when Steve Harvey came back on the scene, apologized – and proclaimed Miss Philippines to the real winner.

A surprised Miss Philippines

Several media outlets have reported the mistake, including Business Insider. Television footage from the event shows a very amazed Miss Philippines who will arrive on the scene and receive the unexpected title.

– I take responsibility for this. It was my mistake, a terrible mistake, says Steve Harvey in the program and showcasing his screenplay card for the audience to really attest to right Miss Universe appointed.

Lifted crown of Miss Colombia

A stewardess was then enter the scene, and correct that mistake – to lift the crown of Miss Colombia, and place it on Miss Philippines.

After fadäsen in the program, Steve Harvey also apologized on Twitter.

But the mistake has not left the Internet without waves. A giff where the hostess takes the crown of Miss Colombia circulating in social media just like the satirical images of the mistake. On Twitter account basketball team the Washington Wizards got the TV host a sneer, referring to 2010, when the player John Wall was first choice for the NBA Draft, reports Bleacher Report.

But another NBA legend Magic Johnson, took the victory in advance and congratulated Harvey a “brilliant initiative” before the program manager accidentally discovered.

When the crown had to switch carriers and Harvey apologized even joined Johnson out and toned down his celebration – but still stood at Harveys page.


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