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Gothenburg Opera | Noetic + Interfacial scale – Göteborgs-Posten


Gothenburg Opera


Interfacial scale

Choreography: Hiroaki Umeda

Composer Yoshihiro Hanno

Your passion is pure joy to me

choreography: Stijn Celis

Music: Nick Cave, Pierre Boulez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Krysztof Penderecki


Choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Composer: Szymon Brzóska

Dancers: Göteborg Opera’s dance company

Conductor: Henrik Schaefer

Gothenburg Opera Orchestra

Playing empty 27/1 2016

Noetic + is a nice Christmas present that allows the Gothenburg Opera dance company make the dancers are best at . Lis Hellström Sveningson enjoying an evening with humble seriously.

Want to see Göteborg Opera’s dance company dance? Then you should take the opportunity. Following the lines of conceptual works in which ideas often takes precedence over the physical movements we call dance, has Adolphe Binder collected three works to an evening where dancers really get to show what they do best.

Interfacial scale , Your passion is pure joy to me and Noetic is taken from the last season the program. Each time it came to brand new, created directly for the company, but from different years. The new composition provides both welcome reunions and other approaches.

For the older, classical ballet repertoire, it is the rule rather than the exception that sets recurs throughout the years. With the new creations are different. Contemporary search of news and originality gets artistic director rather to add new orders than nurturing it already presented. To choreographers create for the dancers who just happen to see the company also influences. Too bad it is, the playing time for a dance program is short, but the dance work needs to mature in the meeting with the audience. And the audience barely have time to discover what is given.

Noetic + is a really nice Christmas present, and none at all REMNANTS for lack of ideas. That two of the three parts are danced to live music, with both visiting musicians on stage and the Gothenburg Opera orchestra in the pit, bring the experience further.

Although the works are drawn from different thematic connections they fall nicely into place next to each other . The evening brings a strong sense of the here and now, a dance party with a humble seriously.

Interfacial scale (from 2013) is like a living organism, dancing bodies creates a continuous, smooth flow. The Japanese choreographer Hiroaki Umeda is also responsible for set design, costume and lighting design. Along with Yoshihiro Hannos specially written music, it becomes a breathtaking whole, a world of its own with the ultraviolet light from space. Light father also like arrows through the room, or pull up sharp boundaries. Umeda based suggestive images where the dancers both stand out single and creates frequent public.

Even Stijn Celis Your passion is pure joy to me (2009), based on the large stage space. This filled the young emotions – and of Nick Cave’s song “God is in the house” as a musical signature. The dancers occupy the room with natural, individual authority in steps. The meetings occur strong charges. The costumes give an everyday basis choreography enhances effectively. Just like Umeda uses Celis whole body movements. The staggering parduetten the end is still a favorite.

In the final, Noetic (2014) by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, tops dancecompany evening. From Shogo Yoshi introductory percussion explosion to end the image of the man trapped in the world she has created, the brilliant dance at the intersection of energetic frenzy and icy precision. Equations and logistics, rules that hold, belongs to the choreographer’s inspiration. He empties and populate the stage, assembles and loosens. The austerely dressed dancers will be incited cogs in the machinery of life. Amidst all the breakneck dance is a challenge: know your body! Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui put it in the dizzying motion.


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