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Everything for Sweden “-Karen left his church after the trip to Sweden – Aftonbladet

“Everything for Sweden” – the participant Karen Berg Roylance decided to leave the Mormon Church.

A decision that has received social consequences – and now even her marriage reeling.

– I thought my marriage worked decently until just over a week ago, she says to Aftonbladet.

evening shows finale of “Everything for Sweden” in SVT. Aftonbladet has taken part of a cut-away scene from the program where Karen Berg Roylance , 46, says that she has decided to leave the Mormon Church, and she is afraid that her decision will have significant consequences in her life.

– I knew I had a problem with my religion. But I had not thought of going out of the church, she says in the clip.

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“was threatened with excommunication”

Karen Berg Roylance lives in Fruit Heights in the Mormon dense state of Utah and says that she has had a fear of being ostracized.

– The Church threatened me first with excommunication. But I told him that I know my legal rights that I have the right to go out and threatened to get a lawyer. Then went my exit pretty fast but very family fell away, she says to Aftonbladet.

Her husband and children are still Mormons.

– I thought my marriage worked decently for more than a week and a half ago, but I hope that the marriage will last. There has been much setback with the family, very hurt feelings. My parents know that I have chosen to be with them when I’m dead (according to Mormon belief alive the spirit on after the body died, and you will then be with their loved ones. Ridden. Note.). It has been really tough but at the same time when everything seems crazy on the outside, I feel a huge satisfaction within, she says.

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Karen Berg Roylance do not want to go deeper into what happened a week and a half ago but says that she hopes that the marriage will last.

– Much things have been said which have hurt me. I hope that everything will be okay and that my family will stay together but there is a great risk that it will not happen, which caused that I have left the church. But I’m still proud that I have gone out of the church, she said.

Despite the threats of excommunication says Karen Berg Roylance that she is not afraid of the Mormon Church.

– There are people like it but I’m actually not. It is more than ever leaving the church. I’ve been afraid for years the consequences of that I do not think. And what it would mean for my family, if it would destroy my family if I would break my parents’ hearts. Now I’m not afraid anymore. I have more people who support me now than I had when I pretended to be a believer, she says.

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” My children are proud of me “

She also says that she felt tremendous pressure during childhood.

– When I grew up, there was enormous pressure on me to think in a particular way. I did not want my children would feel the same way. If you drink alcohol, coffee, tea or masturbating one is a sinner, and all this would include but keep one from God. I want my children to feel the love I have for them is unconditional, they can choose to believe or not to believe, that they can choose to do what they want in their lives and that as long as they are honest with themselves, I will to be proud of them. My children are the ones I have not had any problems. They are proud of me, she says.

Found strength of Sweden

She says that it was a week in Sweden was required for her to make the decision on withdrawal.

– In Sweden, everyone talked to me. All looked at the world as I do. All were more eager humanity than they were with the rules and religion, it gave me Strength. After a week in Sweden, I knew I did not want to go to church anymore, she says.

In the evening there is Karen Berg Roylance Jamie Lystra , John Winscher and the pair Charles Wassberg & amp; Beverly Wassberg have the chance to win a reunion with his Swedish relatives.

The finale of “Everything for Sweden” broadcast at 20.00 on BBC1.


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