Thursday, December 17, 2015

Staff at Julgalan threatened with death after the chaos. – Aftonbladet

The staff at Julgalan threatened with death after the chaos.

And Nacka Strand Show, where tomorrow’s gala was held says that it was absolutely impossible to get paid from the gala company.

– They have not once offered to pay, says Nacka Strand Fair’s CEO Marianne Wallberg.

In 2014, the economy was pressed for the companies behind Julgalan.

It extended from 11 to 20 cities which cost a lot of money. It promised all cities almost the same artists who had flown around at a great cost. Then ended up event companies, event Club 724 AB and Event Club Sweden AB in reconstruction. These companies operate in the years Julgalan with the aim to make profit in order to reduce the damage of the 2014, says Jonas Wakman is a director of the two companies behind Julgalan.

– We will pass to make profit and reduce injury to 2014. But if there will be any gala in 2016 we will see, this day I have been sitting in the interrogation after the assassination attempt, and our office has been ravaged, he said.

“There was a failure “

He is self-critical after the scandal award shows in Helsingborg and Västerås.

And sorry that they had to set up in Stockholm at Nacka Strand, Mass.

– It was a failure, but it should not take these proportions where our staff will daily receive threats and are posted on the web with pictures and addresses. It is usual trainees and young people.

Now the office is vacated, the staff seated elsewhere and work. He says himself that he had been questioned by the police after death threats.

– I have received messages that I and my staff to murder, then you have reached a limit, then it is not julmys and funny anymore. We are fighting like animals, we do everything for this to work.

“can not afford a bad result”

Jonas Wakman mean that they had to cancel the reservation in the Globe due the ekomoniska risk.

– We are in the reconstruction, we can not afford to make a bad result in the Globe. Nacka Strand Fair we came down to half the price of food.

But at Nacka Fair had read about the turbulence surrounding the companies and wanted payment in advance.

– We could not pay on Monday or Tuesday, but yesterday and today. If we are to pay them 375,000 crowns are cheaper than 1.5 million advance on artists that we pay. It would have been cheaper to pay Nacka Fair than pay back to all guests.

Did they not agree to get paid yesterday?

– Well, but there must be an economic bearing.

Since forced Jonas Wakman suddenly interrupting telephone interview.

sold more tickets than were available Julgalan reported to the police Fraud

“Could not wait longer for payment”

Marianne Wallberg , President of Nacka Strand Fair, says that it was impossible to get paid from Julgalan- companies.

– There has never been any question that they have to pay on Monday or Tuesday. They got a bill that expired on Wednesday at 14, which we extended to 17 to take account of all the visitors who are trapped, but we could not wait any longer.

She says that they tried to delay the decision in the last.

– We reminded them via telephone and SMS at two o’clock, three o’clock, four o’clock and five o’clock. They have not once offered to pay, they have not even asked if they could shoot at it.

Julgalan Selling Tickets – to set show


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