Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Aftonbladet was the Star Wars gala premiere in London – Aftonbladet

LONDON . All the stars were there. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and the new. Even veteran Max von Sydow who has a role in “Star Wars – The Force awakens”.

And George Lucas Blessed European premiere with his presence.

– George has seen the movie a few times, says Kathleen Kennedy. He is very positive. George think JJ has done a fantastic job.

JJ Abrams is the director / mansuförfattaren that gave the Star Wars saga new bioliv. Kathleen Kennedy is the producer who now runs the entire Lucasfilm empire.

She is happy that the film has already received very positive reviews.

It was called the European premiere on Wednesday night London despite the Stockholm managed to have its gala already on Tuesday. In London had Leicester square has been built up to a spectacular red carpet bleachers, screens and an aerospace scene.

– Just this premiere probably cost more than the 10 million dollars “Star Wars” went on in 1977, said Mark Hamill . The man who comes back as Luke Skywalker in the mature age.

Everyone was there

Among the guests were also Mads Mikkelsen , Benedict Cumberbatch the wife Stephen Fry , Queen guitarist Brian May and Simon Pegg that is big Star Wars fan and as an adviser on the film.

– I have never seen such a huge premiere, said the British comedian.

George Lucas seemed a bit taken aback by all the attention as he walked along the line of fans and sign autographs at every possible Star Wars gadgets.

Max von Sydow told me that he followed the Star wars for many years.

– It has been an important and interesting part of my family, he said. It is a story that gives hope, and that we may need.

Went to the job on a snow plow

The biggest cheers met Harrison Ford , which Han Solo has an important role in the “Star Wars – The Force awakens”. Han Solo is the most beloved of Star Wars figures, and Ford is the one of the actors who had a very successful career after “Star Wars”.

I asked him what he remembered of the filming of “The Empire Strikes back “in Norway 1978th ​​

– I remember it, it was very cold. I remember I went to work on a snow plow, says Harrison Ford and shakes his head.

He seems moved by the fans’ great love and hysteria surrounding the new Star Wars film. The Force is back and has given many a new moment in the spotlight.


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