Saturday, December 19, 2015

Musikhjälpen hit record: “Unbelievable” – Aftonbladet

Now the program management trio of Musikhjälpen 2015 left the glass cage in Linköping.

The Swedish people have gathered 31 million kronor to the collection with the theme “No one should escape the climate”.

– Every time I have done this I have been asking about my life, says TV host Kodjo Akolor.

Shortly after ten o’clock on Saturday evening, the hosts Kodjo Akolor , gina dirawi and Linnea Henriksson leave the glass cage to go out on the main square of Linköping. During the week, the Swedish people gathered 31.105 million kronor to Musikhjälpens collection with the theme “No one should escape the climate”. In addition, 268 000 commitment created, which is a record.

– The goal this year was to reach 250,000 commitment, and it feels great that we hit it with so much more, says. Music Aid continues to grow and it is unbelievable that we are once again breaking records in the number of engagements. We really want to thank all the people across Sweden who have been with us this week and struggled to people should not have to flee because of climate-related disasters, says Julia Blomberg , Content Director Musikhjälpen in a press release.

“We can only thank the Swedish people”

When TV Kodjo Akolor calling Nöjesbladet on Saturday night, he wants to pay tribute to the Swedish people.

– I think it’s a great result. Again, it’s that we host is the smallest component of the whole machinery that is Musikhjälpen. It may be that we see, hear and talk about it but it was never gonna work unless people are willing to participate and get involved. We can only thank the Swedish people. There is no other who delivered besides us, we are together, he said.

What was the strongest commitment?

– I would say the Swedish students, who always different and original in what they do. Then it is the children who will come and make thing much earlier in some way. They knock on doors, sing Lucia songs and we got so much artwork that we could wallpaper the entire room.

“The most important lesson is the importance of we”

Kodjo Akolor who has been the host for Musikhjälpen earlier says that he hopes we-feeling persists.

– The key lesson is the importance of us. What we can achieve when we really think we are. When we look past color, religion. political values. In the end we are all in the same boat. It is something I have become very aware of and something that I hope people really continue to think about long after Musikhjälpen is over, he says.

He will also make some changes in his life.

– Every time I have done this I have been asking about my life. Now just to run that extra mile, to get a bike is the first to try to make his mark much less on earth than you did before, says Kodjo Akolor.

So you should bike to work early mornings?

– I do not know. But I will definitely not take the car unnecessarily. But it is rather time wise, as you can bike, take the train and bus as much as possible.

And do not complain at the waste sorting?

– Absolutely not. I like waste sorting. I even take the lid off the jars and put in metal containers.

This week’s most wanted artist was Håkan Hellström and the most desired song became “Hello” with Adele and Kodjo Akolor admits he made a mistake with wishful music.

– I burned the last wishful song. I happened to pull off the wrong song. But the person who requested this song received hear the song.


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