Monday, December 14, 2015

Petra and Måns are best “- Västerbotten Folkblad

Entertainment News. Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw leads the Eurovision Song Contest in the Globe next year. Program lead pair were SVT’s first choice for the heavy lifting.


The 1975 Stockholm: Karin Falck.

The 1985 Gothenburg: Lill Lindfors.

1992 Malmo: Lydia Cappolicchio and Harald Treutiger.

2000, Stockholm: Kattias Ahlström and Anders Lundin.

2013 Malmo: Petra Mede.

The 2016 Stockholm: Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw .

Already last summer began Mans Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede mentioned as top candidates for the prestigious program management task to lead the Eurovision Song Contest.

Reigning Eurovision champion Zelmerlöw are notoriously also a seasoned host.

– It was brought well a very unofficial issue that evening I won if I even would be interested. Even then I felt that if I’m asked, it is clear that I want to jump on, he says.

Mede was in turn international success in 2013 when she led the race then went in Malmo. She says it was obvious to jump on the train again.

– Simply because you can not say no. Now I have done this once and it was pretty good but there are still things I want to do differently, says Petra Mede without wanting to go into the exact details.

“established stars”

SVT was program leader election easily.

– We believe that Petra and Måns are best. Moreover, it is the case with Eurovision that there are new conditions every year, there are new cities, venues, songs and artists. Therefore, it feels great to have two people who are already established stars in this context, says Martin Österdahl, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The two program managers are now looking forward to spring and the approaching giant bulletin.

– I’m so incredibly happy to be part of the Eurovision bubble again. As an artist was the interviews all the time, you were not targeted enjoy it. Now I feel that I will really be able to enjoy these weeks, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

Complementing each other

Even now begin work on shaping the shows. Mede and Zelmerlöw think they will be able to complement each other well.

– I think we have a little of each ingredient. I think that Måns has a vast timing and is very funny and I’m not saying I can sing but I like to do other things than just talk on stage, says Petra Mede.

The semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest owns Half the Globe on 10 and 12 May The grand final is decided since May 14


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