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Fracas at the castle which SVT chose not to show – Expressen

After Claire Wikholms tumultuous day in SVT’s “Stars in the Castle”:

Now, says the actress about the fracas behind the scenes.

– The Of course there will be confrontations. We are strong, everyone. There was some trouble, she says.

In Saturday’s premiere episode of this year’s “Stars in the Castle” SVT was shown a brawl between Claire Wikholm, 71, Stefan Sauk, 60, and Marika Lagercrantz, with 61.

The actors smoke together in a political debate with Stefan Sauk called politicians “a bunch of backstabbers” and Claire Wikholm said that they are “the dullest available”.

Marika Lagercrantz became agitated and said that the others around the table advocated dictatorship.

– I think it’s very nice to sit at a table where people are for dictatorship. I did not know you were there but it’s nice to meet you, ‘she said in the program.

It all ended with Claire Wikholm left the table with the promise that Marika Lagercrantz would eat it up, she said.

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Claire Wikholm: “There was some trouble”

But it was not the only altercation that occurred during the recording period. The fact is that the stars are pretty frequent fussed with each other at the castle, tells Claire Wikholm.

– You live five strong people working 12 hours a day for a week. It is clear that there will be confrontations. We are strong, everyone. There was some trouble. There was a brawl. But it would be strange otherwise. We are not mesproppar, she says.

Even Marika Lagercrantz says that disagreements arose, but she thought it was refreshing.

– We thought different, we were not enemies of the . I thought it was great that we could have different opinions, she says.

Morgan Alling says Claire Wikholm behaved badly during filming.

– It was good that they showed how Claire was. It’s the one I lived in. Master Technology, a översittarmentalitet, that oppress other people.

Claire Wikholm, on the other hand, accused Morgan Alling and Stefan Sauk for taking too much space while at the castle .

– It’s like trying to save someone who is dying, and so will be accused of trying to kill the person, says Stefan Sauk.

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Icy relations after the “Stars in the Castle”

But despite the fracas, including that on Saturday, was shown on television, think Claire Wikholm that the air was cleared too rarely in the program.

– We were tired. More tired every day. And brawling is nothing strange, it cheers you up and cleans the air. Even if it is not cleaned enough, she says.

After the recordings were some of the participants in touch, others are not.

– All people are different, all the socks does not fit all feet, says Stefan Sauk.

– I feel so confident in myself that I did not want to socialize with people who need to put on others, says Morgan Alling.

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