Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bail of one million dollars for Cosby – Helsingborgs Dagblad

– On the evening in question called on Mr. Cosby woman taking pills and wine, which resulted in that she became unable to move and stop his advances. He committed when an attempted rape, said Kevin R Steele at the district prosecutor’s office in Montgomery County.

Prosecutors have brought case to court by an indictment, a document entitled “complaint”, which compares with a prosecution. Already on Wednesday held “arraignment”, the stages where the Cosby received allegations presented to them before a judge and given the opportunity to respond to how he stands with them. Cosby chose not to answer.

Initial hearings in court shall take place on January 14, according to the news channel. Cosby, according to Reuters bail and had to leave in from his passport.

According to Steele during the year revealed new information about the alleged case of 2004.

– After reviewing the evidence, we can now begin to do justice to the victim, he said.

crime of reads attempts to rape, which is considered a serious crime in the US. Cosby gets convicted, the punishment can according to US media be a maximum of ten years imprisonment and a fine.

The Cosby has repeatedly denied the allegations and has never been a formal suspect. Many of the alleged crimes should have taken place so long ago that they had time barred.

– This is a very important event development, says the lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented the woman in an earlier civil liability against Cosby, CNN .

The beginning of the December sued Bill Cosby seven of the women who accused him. He claimed that they were liars as “defaming his honor and reputation”.


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