Sunday, December 13, 2015

Successful operation of the ‘farm-Jocke’ – Aftonbladet

Finally a positive response for “Farm-Jocke”

Last night, he underwent a successful surgery at the hospital in Thailand.

– Really nice! Now he’s awake anyway. We had a video call everybody and it had gone well, says daughter Mimmih Ljunggren.

Joakim Ljunggren , 53, has been a tough week behind.

The problems began when he ran into a glass door at a department store in Thailand and cut himself so badly that an artery, nerves and muscles in one shin torn to bits.

Reskompisen Alexander Alan , which he got to know in this year’s edition of TV4′s “The Farm”, did their best to help but the blood sprayed “like a fountain” and Joakim could lose a lot of blood before they managed to get to a hospital.

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The wound was complicated. The Thai doctors operated for three hours to get it together, but afterwards it became clear that further surgery would be required.

Joakim wanted most to be operated in Sweden and tried with their daughters’ help arrange an air ambulance from Bangkok. He was considered healthy enough to fly business class home on Saturday.

– Just before the plane would take off, broke it all up again, as they tried to get together. What if the plane had time to lift? He could have died there, says Mimmih Ljunggren ; 22.

She and her sister Hannah Ljunggren , 24 are worried and upset. The state of their father was critical when he was sent back to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

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In a video that Alexander Alan posted on Facebook tells how Joakim shaken in the whole body and barely been conscious: “It is really hard to see him like this.”

The sisters learned that a new operation expected.

– It was at the last second. Otherwise they would have had surgery to remove the bone, says Minnie Ljunggren that late last night were told that the surgery went well.

– Really nice! Now he’s awake anyway. We had a video call everybody and it had gone well, but he was in pain and had painkillers, she says and tells us that they held talks with SOS whole day to arrange transportation home.

Today Monday, a Scandinavian nurse to come and see him at the hospital then sends SOS down a Scandinavian physician who will escort Joakim home when he is considered to have the flight


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