Sunday, December 13, 2015

Samir instagramkonto upsets – Aftonbladet

A comment on Samir Badrans Instagram have created a criticism storm on social media.

During the night posted a picture where the followers were invited to “tag a whore.”

“He has thousands of fans. And many do not raise eyebrows, “says the actress Sanna Bråding the image.

A post on the former” Paradise Hotel “-deltagarens Samir Badran s Instagram have created hefty storm in social media.

It was the night between Saturday and Sunday as a post consisting of an image with the text “Take a hoe” was posted on the reality of the profile account.

The image, which was only up there for about 20 minutes, quickly got over 200 likes and about as many comments. Among the comments will be many girls have been tagged as hoes (whores editor’s note).

“He has thousands of fans”

Anyone who reacted strongly to post the actress True Bråding :

“Samir has been chosen as ambassador of Musikhjälpen year. He has thousands of fans. And many do not raise eyebrows. This is the way we are used to it. But how do you think it feels for all the girls who become openly tagged as whores? How do you think it feels for the girl to get receive the same mentions in school, around town, etc. DAILY ?! “she wrote on her Instagram.

True Bråding was also during Sunday morning guest in the” News Morning “on TV4 to talk about the viral clip “Dear Dad” about the vulnerability of women in society. While there, she took up the picture posted on Samir Badrans account.

– I think that says a lot about our society, this happens all the time.

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” What’s happening is bad enough “

With her tomorrow couch was even daddy blogger Nisse Edwall .

– It could have been someone else who uploaded it. But what happens in the comment field is bad enough, Nisse Edwall.

Another reacted’s author Caroline Engvall , who also reacted strongly and writes in a post:

“I want this to put light on how we treat each other, what kind of society we all want to live in. What statuses we put up and what we latch on. And what the consequences for others. “

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Samir Badran is current as Ambassador for Music Aid as well as a performer in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

On Musikhjälpens instagramkonto requires followers to Samir Badran exchanged. Many also calls for a boycott – if Musikhjälpen not act.

Nöjesbladet looking Samir Badran and Musikhjälpen for comment.

In a text message from Musikhjälpens press person Helena Iles says, “We’ll talk to Samir and will return.”


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