Wednesday, December 30, 2015

They become the host of SVT’s new major venture – Göteborgs-Posten

As a GP Entertainment previously revealed will Belinda Olsson, one of the program leaders of SVT’s new Society Opinion Live.

Now experience GP.SE it second of the two presenters will Olle Palmlöf, who is making a comeback after almost a decade in the wings.

– I will be with in any way, confirms the former Swedish Radio and the SVT profile to

On January 14, SVT has premiered its new current affairs: Opinion Live. As GP Entertainment previously revealed Belinda Olsson – who hit it big with feminist anthology Fittstim – offered the job as one of the program leaders. According to sources close to production as GP.SE spoken with a second host now ready for the big bet: Olle Palmlöf . According to GP’s data becomes an approach that differs greatly from SVT Debate, which programlederiet will not be held by only one host. Palmlöf should somehow share the mission with Belinda Olsson.

The job will be a comeback in the Olle Palmlöf who created in 2005 made headlines after being busted for drunk driving. He was convicted of the crime after being stopped in a routine check where the test showed 0.97 parts per thousand, just under the limit for drunk driving. After the event he jumped off his two program leadership roles on “Gomorron Sweden” and “fact” on SVT. Since then he has mostly remained behind the scenes, including as a producer for the Masters champion and “Håkan and Lena’s podcast,” who took home a golden egg last year. Already in 2004 he won the Journalism award in the category revealing the SVT program CP magazine.

For GP.SE confirm Olle Palmlöf on Wednesday night that he will be involved in the new program, but would not say what role:

– I will be with in any way, but it is not quite clear yet, he says to the GP.

The GP has contacted the project manager for SVT’s Opinion Live, Katarina Sahlin, who refrains to comment on the information.

– I’m abroad and can not talk right now, she says.

Although senior manager for SVT Gothenburg, Mette Friberg, refrains to comment Palmlöfs comeback:

– We will disclose the details of the program on January 4, she says to GP on Wednesday night.

SVT’s new current affairs Opinion Live will be a studio-based program focusing on public opinion and social debate.

– We will not have a major forum debates, but it will still be public. We will have discussions and debates in a different way and maybe not just debates but also talks and interviews, said project manager Katarina Sahlin GP earlier in December.


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