Thursday, December 31, 2015

Therefore opened Bill Cosby case up again – Expressen

Bill Cosby is accused of sexual abuse.

Now, claims his lawyer that the case was opened again – because of a campaign, writes AP.

– What we have is a fulfilled campaign promise, says the lawyer Monique Pressley according to the site.

Comedian Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual abuse of over 50 women.

Yesterday, charges were brought against the comedian for sexual abuse in one case. Woman claims according to the BBC that Bill Cosby would have cheated her drugs and wine when she was home with him for advice on his career, and then used her.

Bill Cosby, according to earlier reports said in interviews several years ago that he and the woman should have had sexual contact, but that it was consensual.

If convicted, he risks up to ten years in prison and bail was added to a million dollars, equivalent to around 8 4 million, writes several US media.

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Something that should have been paid immediately after the bail had determined.

The case, which was opened in 2005 but ended in settlement a year later, was opened again after all charges against comedian last summer, wrote earlier TMZ.

– The opening of this the case was again a matter of course. To open this case again was our job as law enforcement officials, prosecutors, Kevin Steele said before, according to AP.

Now, says Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Pressley Bill Cosby prosecuted because of a campaign promise by the prosecutor Kevin Steele, writes AP.

– What we have here is not the cause of justice. What we have here is a fulfilled campaign promise, she said according to the newspaper.

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It was this summer that the AP received access to the right document from 2005 where Bill Cosby in court had admitted that he had given the drug Quaaludes, in Sweden known as methaqualone, at least one woman, “and other people”, he wanted to have sex with.

The charges against Bill Cosby began in the early 2000s, and after that the recognition was published took 35 women who all accused Cosby of sexual abuse presented at New York magazine under the title “An unwelcome sisterhood”.

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