Thursday, December 31, 2015

Malena Ernman: “I was rude – threw myself” – Aftonbladet

She has read the New Year poem 18 times in public.

Still, Malena Ernmans nerves on edge before the performance at Skansen and SVT in the evening.

– I threw myself out because I was rude, she says to Aftonbladet.

Last year did not manage loa falkman finish reading the poem before the New Year bells started ringing.

The mistake of thinking SVT avoid this year, and therefore poetry reading concluded in good time before the countdown.

– This year I stop a minute or two before so you count down together. So it is resolved. The stress will not all producers and people involved, says Ernman.

It sounds like nothing could go wrong?

– Well, I can get vomiting disease and begin to vomit. Just because I say so, I will lie awake now, she says, laughing.

The text, she can at this point. During a Christmas tour which includes Lasse Berghagen has participated Malena Ernman taken the opportunity to read the word Alfred Tennyson “Ring Out, Wild Bells” in public. 18 times.

– It was genius. Unfortunately not my idea. Bit cheating, and no, it is not cheating. It is a way to repeat, she says.

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How to upload facing poem reading?

– I downloaded, I believe. Uploading is so tough. I threw myself away from home and went to the gym because I understood that I was not fun to be around, she says.

How do you do?

– It is very nerves. I do not usually have a lot of nerves. But when it noted that I am rude and impatient, then I know. So I threw myself out, she says.

“The words are serious”

She explains that she is not a dramatic actor, and makes the poem in its own way.

– the words are serious and extremely relevant. You can not escape the fact that the poem takes up the biggest issues we have right now.

Jan Malmsjö has sometimes taken the opportunity to make any changes to the text. But Ernman will stick to the original.

– I want to try to bring out the intimate of it all. It has changed quite good before so that we understand better. I keep fairly strictly to the text, except for two or three words so that we understand what she says.

– I do not have the experience to change. Had I been a Jan Malmsjö I might have known that I get to do it. Then it had been more my poem. I have a tremendous respect for the poem, she continues.

Since Ernman is known for its commitment to the refugee issue was the rapid reaction to her when it became known that she gets the honor. In some camps, the choice of Ernman a provocative choice.

– I am a humanist to the core and can no politics even if people believe it. I think about things, and have seen people suffering around me. I do not even know which politician belongs to which party, almost. Which is quite liberating. The step from loa falkman to me is not far, she says.

How do you celebrate beyond this?

– We have not celebrated the New Year in many year. We usually would otherwise fall asleep around ten. The family will celebrate the day. Or the next day. We are quite simple.

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