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Tears and drama behind the scenes of “Everything for Sweden” -finalen – Aftonbladet

Approximately one and a half million viewers every Sunday night followed “Everything for Sweden”. Certainly some when it was now time for the final.

There was at last John Winscher , 33, motion capture actor from Minnesota, quite superior.

– I’m so in the gas, I feel almost magical, there are incredibly many feelings that circulates in me, he says right after he hit Jamie Lystra , 30, in the very last race.

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A really cute couple

We back the tape a little.

The final episode will be recorded for two days in Örebro and its surroundings.

An early Sunday morning gathered the five finalists in the park outside the palace. John Winscher, Jamie Lystra, Karen Berg Roylance , 46, and Charles “Chuck” Wassberg , 66, and Beverly Wassberg , 65, who compete together as a couple.

In a previous section we have seen how they renewed their vows at Skansen in Stockholm. The tears just pouring out of the other participants’ eyes. And a cuter couple is hard to find. They go all the time and holding hands. Or hugging.

Though they seem nervous before the first race in the final. First archery. When shot down a pair of plates, you get the code to a lock for a chest with the puzzle pieces with which to fold a Sweden-puzzle.

Cursed on himself

While TV team prepares the recording, many curious tourists and Orebro staying back and wonder what is going on. As soon as people understand that it is “Everything for Sweden”, occurs spontaneous conversations with the participants. Everyone tells us how much they like the program.

When the race begins, shoot all significantly more arrows than what is shown on television, of course. Karen takes a long time at all to get off the first arrow.

But it is above all when it comes to puzzles, as this goes wrong for her. Afterwards, she is angry with himself.

– It crapped out, I was in flames, as a mother of three, I should have fixed this, how many hours I have not added puzzles with them? Actually, I’m not so stupid that it will look like on TV.

Want to talk “off the record”

A few hours later, when we eat lunch, she is not longer so disappointed.

– Of course I wanted to win and meet my family. Now I can still look back on this adventure as the most amazing month of my life. It will change me forever, says Karen, who then wonder if we can talk “off the record”.

When she tells long and detailed about their stay in Sweden led her to think about leaving the Mormon Church that the whole family belongs to, as soon as she comes home to the suburb of Salt Lake City. But how will it affect your family?

Yesterday she told Aftonbladet reporter Isabel Norman that she has now left the church, but does not yet know what the consequences are for the marriage.

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Lundin: “What rubbish you are”

The rest of Sunday, the day devoted to filming the dinner, everyone eats together at the castle in Örebro.

Shortly after lunch on Monday filmed the quiz contest in which another participant to be removed. They know that the questions will be about the history of Sweden. About things they have been able to pick up along the way, whether they have listened carefully to what Anders Lundin had to tell.

Anders Lundin try a number of questions on some of the TV team . One way to check that the buttons, sounds and camera angles work.

– What rubbish you are! jokes Anders Lundin as they can barely some of the answers.

Mom showed the way

The Americans are much better. And it has its reasons. John Winscher has constantly made notes about things that have happened during the trip.

– My mother said that such competitions may come, she has seen the section on Youtube, so I’ve been studying the lot. Tried to distinguish at all Gustaf, Carl, Erik and all the kings has been called. And it paid off after all, he says afterward.

John wins pretty far. Jamie will be as superior to second. Poor “Chuck” gets not a single right. He is completely devastated afterwards. Go and stand for itself in a corner of the palace hall where the quiz is recorded. Full TV team stand silent, as to not disturb him. Some could not hold the tears back.

Finally, “Chuck” ready to film a few short scenes when Anders Lundin comforts him.

“Chuck” in tears after fumble

Afterwards both Aftonbladet and SVT television crew to wait quite some time before he is ready to be interviewed.

The tears again and again, when he hugs Beverly. As he is ashamed before her he was so bad.

– “Bev” and I have otherwise demonstrated that we have been able to keep up, even though we are older and not as alert. Now I could some of the answers, but was too slow to press. They were faster and smarter. How awesome this whole adventure than has been, so I feel shit right now, he says.

In the afternoon draws the whole gang off a few mil outside Örebro, to a grove of trees on a lake.

John and Jamie will compete to make fire, throwing small mini axes to be stuck in cabbages painted in Danish flag colors, stacking vedklossar in a certain way, and cut the rope so that the Swedish flag father in the state.

Kålhuvudena has the ability to fall in pieces, as one of the television crew must drive off fast as lightning and act more in the nearest supermarket.

Bowls of champagne

The competition takes place without any hitches, but victory roar of John and the emotional meeting between him and Jamie immediately after the finale filmed on, to get better photos.

Those who did not shoot John and Jamie begin immediately demolish the equipment. The time has passed the 18-mark. Everyone wants to Stockholm same evening.

John Winschers meeting with his Swedish family filmed on Tjörn several days later. This evening remains only the four finalists’ champagne toast to John and short interviews in which they summarize their impressions.

John Winscher notes that the final race was cut out for him.

– Make a fire , ax throwing, chopping wood and stacking wood … oh my God, I am the son of a farmer, there are things I’ve done throughout my childhood, he says.

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