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Lecturing farmer after childbirth – Expressen

Earlier “Farmer Wants a Wife” -deltagaren Fredrik Karlsson, 32, and his Helena Wirén, 26, have become parents.

During labor compared the farmer process with pigs – Now he lectured by Linda Lindorff.

– And you felt it normal? And, okay? Or, she asks in “Farmer Wants a Wife’s” anniversary program.

Fredrik Karlsson, Laholm, was in “Farmer Wants a Wife” in 2007.

But the program was not a success. The farmer rebuked by the girls in the program – and never found love.

But in Monday’s “Farmer Wants a Wife 10 years – jubilee program” on TV4 shows Fredrik up his new little family.

Three weeks Before filming, he got daughter Olivia with his wife Helena Wirén.

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– Life has changed little in recent years. Now it’s four and a half years ago I met my current wife. And we even have a little daughter at three weeks. It has happened a bit since last time, he says in the program, and continues:

– It is absolutely wonderful. Absolutely magical. It was an absolutely wonderful happy moment when you first saw her and keep her. It felt unreal, he said.

The program explains Helena Wirén of birth. Fredrik Karlsson compared the process – with pigs.

– During the entire birth he compared a baby with pigs. He talked about it all day, ‘she says in the program.

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It got Hosted by Linda Lindorff to react.

– What, was he talking about it? And you felt it normal? And, okay? Or, she asks.

Helena Wirén just laughing at her husband’s behavior.

– It’s Fredrik in a nutshell, she says and continues by praising her husband:

– When he is home, he is a great dad, diaper change and cuddle with her on the sofa and cuddle and so on.

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