Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DT’s employees recall meeting with Lemmy – defying the smoking ban – Dalarna Tidningar

Lemmy gave a lesson how a real rockstar behave.

Suddenly he walkin in the small hallway. Lemmy would hold a press conference at Hotel Brage in Borlange. The year was 2004. Peace & amp; Love began to take shape.

In a right dirty and small room was the organizer set up chairs to the writing pressure, and a table at the front with, oddly, a fruit bowl, a Fanta, Coca Cola, a bubble of water and a full Jack Daniels.

When the late Lemmy enters the room becomes silent. He attracts fruit bowl, smell it and frown.

– Want somebody to taste? he asked, holding out the bowl to us journalists.

We laugh a bit contrived. He plugs up the whiskey bottle and pour into a glass full to the brim. Takes out a cigarette and lights it (here is a total smoking ban). Taking a deep puff and blow the smoke towards us.

Then he looks out at us and says, reached in the form of.

– Well so what do you know?

Approximately so it was that I met a real rock star.

And that I will never forget.

Thanks Lemmy. Thank you.

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