Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bill Cosby prosecuted for sexual assault – Expressen

Bill Cosby prosecuted for sexual abuse, writes TMZ.

He now risks ten years in prison.

The ABC reports that Cosby expected to be served suspicion over Wednesday evening Swedish time.

This applies to suspected abuse at the former University employee Andrea Constant, who claim that the comedian Bill Cosby molested her in 2004, writes TMZ .

The case was investigated at the time, but the police concluded it on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence.

Andrea Constand should have sued Bill Cosby 2005, which ended in settlement one year later.

The case was reopened this summer, after over 50 other women have accused him of various types of abuse, writes the BBC.

It was after the AP had access to the right documents from a lawsuit against Bill Cosby in 2005 this summer, where he admitted that he had given the party drug methaqualone at least one woman, “and other people”, he wanted to have sex with the women began directing accusations against the comedian.

According to The BBC should be about a grossly indecent assault on the woman.

Now prosecuted him for sexual abuse.

According to People tell prosecutor Kevin Steele Bill Cosby should have done two sexual advances toward Andrea Constand but Andrea denied.

She then worked for dambasket team at Temple University, where Bill Cosby was involved.

The event must have occurred when Andrea Constand was the home of comedian for advice on his career, according to ABC News.

The woman claims that Bill Cosby must have tricked her drugs and wine, which meant that she could no longer deny, saying the prosecutor Kent Steele.

Bill Cosby reportedly said in questioning several years ago that he had had sexual contact with the woman, but that it was consensual, writes the BBC.

Bill Cosby sentenced for sexual abuse he risks ten years in prison, writes TMZ.

According to the Los Angeles Times should Cosby formally communicated suspicion at 22.00 Swedish time.

People reports that an arrest warrant issued against the comedian.

Bill Cosby himself has previously denied all allegations against him.

One of the 50 women who have spoken out and accused the actor of having drugged and raped her, the former air hostess Colleen Hughes. At the press conference, she said that Cosby drugged her with champagne.

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The Cosby must have poured the drink into a Gucci shoe that he gave to her when they met in a hotel room before a dinner in Beverly Hills in the 1970s.

– A princess should always drink champagne from a glass slipper, the Cosby have said according to Huges testimony.

When she woke up, the hotel room was empty and her clothes lay scattered across the room. Hughes says that she felt confused and was shocked when she found semen on her body.

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