Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How many times have notified the Advent calendar – Today’s Media

Is feminist, political and violent think notifiers.

This year’s Christmas calendar “A Thousand Years of Christmas” has been reported 19 times and it is from alcohol choice of cake Hermansson as viewers turned against, writes Aftonbladet.

A notification about the section of the 70s where viewers will see a reading aloud of a book about sex that explains that “girls have vaginas and boys have penises” and that “the penis enters the vagina, and it is what we call adult adult beauty”.

At that clip also brought strong reactions before Christmas calendar had begun to be sent, which Dagens Media previously reported.

Christmas Calendar be criticized for being political, feminist and violent.

In a section shown how witches beheaded and burned at the stake, prompting several viewers to react.

” This is what gives our children nightmares and put ideas into the heads of children. My son would cut off the head of his little sister because she was a witch, according to him. What if someone unstable teen sees this and decides to bring a sword to school to eradicate witches “ writes a notifier according to the newspaper.

Johanna Gårdare, program director and publisher of the Children’s Channel says Nöjesbladet the witch trials is an important historical phase in which it was impossible to ignore.

SVT has also been criticized for the choice of cake Hermansson as one of the actors and the criticisms have mainly related to a tweet from last year where she wrote: “all cops are pigs” and also a previous tweet about police killings in Malexander, according to the newspaper.

And as Dagens Media written about previously Advent Calendar previously notified alcohol.


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