Friday, December 25, 2015

Dirawi: “The discussion has been unworthy” – Aftonbladet

gina dirawi, 25, has made a success of SVT – again.

The latest julvärden is satisfied with his own effort, but she has trouble swallowing the hate she has received recently.

– The discussion has been very unworthy, she says to Aftonbladet.

The expected criticism of gina dirawi came exactly as planned. But her effort SVT is also very acclaimed.

– Next time, whoever is leading, so I hope that he is given a chance to deliver and that comes with the criticism afterwards. And that there should be a discussion on where you come from and who you are, so it has been. For now, the discussion has been very unworthy, says gina dirawi Nöjesbladet after transmission.

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Parts readers into two camps

Over 50 percent of Nöjesbladet Reader gives Dirawi five plus, and about 30 percent gives a plus. There is therefore contentious.

– You can not expect everyone to like and think the same thing. But I’m very happy with my performance and I know I’ve done a good job. I know I’ve done my best, she says.

Do you get angry when you see that you are getting an inordinate amount of hatred around this?

– When People say they can not piece together how a Muslim sitting julvärd then it’s not up to me to sit down and explain it to them. For then it is something that does not arrive. Then it may be so. Today is such a symbolic day for so many in Sweden, and this proves that anyone can sit in this couch as long as you are good at what they do. I am proud of SVT who dares to show people that it’s not about where you come from. It is about who has anything good to say and can give people the heat. I can do that, she says.

Arne Weise experienced that you seemed very nervous on TV. Were you there?

– I know that many people sometimes say that I sound nervous or sad. But it’s my accent. When I speak normally, I go up and down in tone that I like that it sounds so. I feel very comfortable in it. But I was nervous at certain moments.

When were you the most nervous?

– I do not know. But I think it’s so clear when you start and realize that you are sitting here.

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“Arne Weise sounded like a nice uncle”

Light ignition?

– I thought it would be really difficult. And I did not think I would be able to light up because I normally bad at it. But I’m pleased that it went well.

Are you going to want to do this again?

– Absolutely. If I get the chance. It’s been great. It is a powerful feeling to be sitting in that chair.

What was your conversation with Arne Weise?

– I was so moved . He was so cute. He sounded like a cozy grandfather and I was thrilled when he called.

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