Thursday, December 31, 2015

Malena following poem: “I am very relieved” was protected by own bodyguard at Skansen – Aftonbladet

The rehearsal went to hell, and she was nervous.

But once on stage did Malena Ernman no mistake.

– I’m very relieved, she says after New Year debut at Skansen.

Yesterday called Malena Ernman in the new year with Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen in Stockholm.

In connection with the assignment, the singer – who received the amounts of näthat for their political debate – special protection.

– I have my own bodyguard. He picked me up before and will ride home I said Malena Ernman just after midnight.

was protected by the Security Service

According to sources Nöjesbladet got Ernman protection of Sapo in parts of the New Year’s Eve. The extra security was primarily due to the terrorist attacks and threats that marked the 2015th

– It was particularly rigorous and they have checked everything, given the situation in the world. And given that it was such a big crowd, says Malena Ernman.

Despite the call-up she felt safe while on stage. Internet hate has not affected her much.

– No, it’s just my husband who read what is written, and he is not passed on to me. It is unpleasant when they draw up the kids, but otherwise I do not particularly afraid. There are many others who have it worse.

“Had not the right feeling”

She was nervous about his performance of the venerable New Year’s poem, but is satisfied with his performance.

– It felt good, I’m very relieved. I remember the text, only that. The rehearsal went to hell, I did not have the right feeling. But now it seemed fun, she says.

In addition to the poem she managed to deliver several song numbers during the celebrations. It was a trick he took to calm the nerves.

– I have not sung so much on TV lately, so I had to take the opportunity to Kuppa it. It is my safe ground so I thought it would calm me down a little. But it was almost a little stressful.

What do you hope to face in 2016?

– The earth race reconciled. Out of hatred and into the consolation and reconciliation.

Malena Ernman took over the role as host New Year’s Skansen after loa falkman. 2014 stepped Jan Malmsjö of the mission for many years.


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