Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So remember the friends Peter Lundblad: “He was a fantastic artist” – Aftonbladet

Visartisten Peter Lundblad died – 65 years old.

To react friends and colleagues from his long music career on his death.

– He was gaunt and frail, but full of zest for life, says Sheeba.

Artist Colleague Sheeba , 68, would play ” bathrobe 2016 “together with Peter Lundblad in Borgholm Castle in summer.

– There we were delighted with both. He said that this will be enough to keep me going. But it was not enough, he says.

Now mourn his news of his friend’s death.

– There is heavy now, really heavy. It was not long ago we stood on stage at Gota Lejon together. He was gaunt and frail, but full of zest for life. He made fantastic job. We had a hard time making then it would get so bad. He was such an amazing fine artist and songwriter. Tender and an amazing singer.

“Did not catch him anymore”

Sheeba met Peter Lundblad for the last time just a few weeks ago.

– It was about three weeks ago, maybe a little more. We heard of a month ago, but then I do not find him anymore. Then I was told that he was in hospital.

Even close friend Anders Berglund , 67, would have worked with Peter Lundblad during the summer “Bathrobe” -spelningar on Öland.

– We were very good friends and have spent a lot over the years and have worked together since the 80s. I co-produced “Take Me to the Sea”, the plate and we have worked in all kinds of contexts. Eurovision Song Contest, “Bathrobe” on Öland. We have not seen so much in recent years, but kept in touch. He was very thoughtful, with great humor. A cheerful soul.

“A friend’s husband had brought with them all their lives”

Anders Berglund has known his friend’s illness, but his death still came as a shock.

– He’s been a friend that you have had with them throughout life. It comes as a shock even though we knew he was ill, and has been for a long time. But it’s always awkward when it happens.

The artist and composer Lasse Tennander , 70, worked a lot together during the 70s and 80s and had among other things a band together during early 70s.

– He was one of the nicest people I’ve known and I consider him one of my oldest and best friends. He was very nice and positive, always ready for new adventures. Almost diametrically different from me, he always saw the bright side of things. He was an extremely talented guitarist and song-maker and also the lyricist. In the beginning I wrote the lyrics when we worked together, but he learned quickly, and wrote very good lyrics. I particularly remember him as this very nice, genuine man.

“Really missing”

Artist Lars Lindblom , 66, ensures a good friend .

– He was a fantastic musician and a good friend. I do not really know what more to say. The last few years we had a lot of contact, when he visited my band in different contexts, and we talked about that we would write together, but we never got a shot. I remember him as a good friend, a fun guy and a great musician who played more chords than I could think of some songs. It was his thing, he really liked to play his songs, but always found the new stuff so you could never relax, but had to concentrate when we played together. We knew that this would happen, but when. I was told this morning. He is really missing.

Tommy Körberg , 67, was working not with Peter Lundblad, but often faced with him in the work context.

– We have seen over the years, especially on the West’s song festival. It was some years since, but I have known he was sick.

He will remember certain singer with heat.

– He was a happy troubadour, very happy. He has stood up many times in spite of this. He knew that it was over, he said.


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