Sunday, December 20, 2015

Brings in 76 times more than their colleagues in the “Star Wars” – Aftonbladet

HOLLYWOOD. Harrison Ford will not be able to complain about the salary for the new “Star Wars: The Force awakens”.

He earns well over a quarter of a billion in the sci-fi sequel.

It is 76 times more than the British newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega get.

In total, the Ford pull out 290 million kronor for the role of Han Solo.

Warranty salary to repeat the role was SEK 210 million.

He managed according to the Daily Mail also negotiate for 0.5 percent of revenue. That means he learns to count on further filling your wallet with more than 80 million.

With the salary he leaves the young colleagues of light years behind.

Ridley and Boyega each have received SEK 3.8 million for starring in the space saga.

However, they can receive additional compensation if “The force awakens” total recording more than 8.5 billion.

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Analysts in Hollywood will not Ford’s rekordlön as no surprise.

– He is the key to make this film work. He is the link between the old and the new generation. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher was good to get to, but the film had managed without them. It was not done without Harrison Ford, said a source at the film company Disney.

Now tipped However Ford have struck the salary cap.

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Much larger space, by contrast, his young colleagues.

Most expected Ridley see the fee rise. She was virtually unknown when she was cast in “The force awakens” and predicted a bright future in Hollywood.

– She has signed contracts in several films with nailed salary increases for each project, says the informant.

– It does not guarantee that she will be part of the upcoming movies, but it gives the film company working atmosphere because it knows that she is contract-bound if they want her.

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