Friday, December 25, 2015

- It was a tumultuous Christmas, it must be said, he says to Aftonbladet. – Aftonbladet

He appeared in TV4 julvärd – but in reality had Bengt Magnusson drive his mother to the emergency room after an accident in the home.

– It was a tumultuous Christmas, shall we say, he says to Aftonbladet.

TV4 julvärd Bengt Magnusson , 65, bet in the box was prerecorded, so-called “live on tape”. He took the opportunity to celebrate Christmas at home – with four generations of the family.

But his Christmas was dizzying.

– We had a nice time until my mother fell and hurt himself so bad that we had to go to SOS emergency. This took place around 15. Until then, it was a traditional Christmas celebration, says Bengt Magnusson.

How is your mother?

– OK, though bruised, he says.

Was anyone in the emergency room who responded that you were there, given that you were also julvärd in TV4?

– I got no such reactions. One should not expect that there are things that pop up primarily of people who find themselves in the emergency room.

praised by colleagues for his comeback “Check the hero is back “

Hailed for their Christmas wishes

In his Christmas message on TV4 on Christmas Eve it cracked Magnusson holes on the image of the” Swedish Christmas “.

has been frequently on social media.

– I and editor talked through and agreed that it there with the Swedish Christmas is something that can be interpreted in any case. When we sat down, came all the stupid comments in connection with gina dirawi would be SVT julvärd. Then we thought it would be a wise idea to talk about what a Swedish Christmas is or is not, says Magnusson.

Among other things, explains Magnusson in the broadcast: “One evening when we celebrate a traditional Swedish Christmas with Advent Calendar imported from Germany, saffron bread from Holland and English traditions, mistletoe, and Christmas cards, “he said.

– Full Christmas tradition is full of such things as transposed into Swedish culture and is today an integral part, says Magnusson Nöjesbladet.

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“So many stupid things in such a short time”

He also took the opportunity to pay tribute Dirawi in the broadcast, with the words “Cheers, Gina! You have of course an obvious place in the Swedish Christmas celebrations.”

You noted early that Gina would endure harsh comments?

– Yes, she of course immediately when it became known that she would be julvärd. So many stupid things in such a short time, it is rare that you have read, says Magnusson.

Want to continue as julvärd in TV4?

– Nelonen has had a tradition of letting that go around to different hands and feet. It may well continue, he said.

Told happy news

Now continues Bengt Magnusson to work with “The News”.

On January 11, he leads with Tilde de Paula and Kristin Kaspersen gala evening “No to Cancer”.

This summer was declared healthy Bengt Magnusson of testicular cancer, after both had surgery and treated with chemotherapy.

Since then, the beloved television profile, who has been on sick leave for seven months, including appeared in “Nyhetsmorgon”.

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