Thursday, December 31, 2015

To protect Malena at Skansen tonight – Aftonbladet

In the evening all eyes on Malena Ernman.

During the venerable New Year celebrations at Skansen she is protected by multiple instances.

– We have an close collaboration with SVT and police, says Tobias Runnfeldt, director of Skansen’s security office.

In the evening reading Malena Ernman “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen in Stockholm. During the past year the singer has been an active commentator on political issues – and has also expressed its views on the refugee crisis and the Swedish immigration policy.

Ernmans dedication has made her election as New Year’s hosted in some camps have been seen as controversial. She has also been receiving lots of näthat.

“Do not go into details”

At Skansen takes security around Malena Ernman and the popular event very seriously.

– We have close cooperation with SVT and police authorities, make an assessment, and security dimensions beyond. Anything to get a safe and secure event, says Tobias Runnfeldt , director of Skansen’s security office.

More specific than that he does not want to be.

– That’s all I can say. For obvious reasons we will not go into details.

“Is humanist”

In an interview with Aftonbladet has Malena Ernman commented on the strong reactions to her election as New Year’s host.

– I am a humanist to the core and can no politics even if people believe it. I think about things, and have seen people suffering around me. I do not even know which politician belongs to which party, almost. Which is quite liberating. The step from loa falkman to me is not far, she said.

The broadcasts from Skansen begins at 23:30 in BBC1.

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