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‘The Farm’ -Jockes position worsened in Thailand – Expressen

“The Farm” -Jockes aorta went off and he lost several pints of blood during an accident in Thailand.

Yesterday, he would be flown home, but just when the plane would lift burst an artery in the leg.

– His situation is unstable. The operation is very critical, but it must be done if he is to come home, says her daughter Hannah Ljunggren.

Joakim Ljunggren, 53, known as “The Farm” -Jocke, was involved in a serious accident on the Thai island of Koh Samet earlier in the week.

The television profile walked into a glass door and cut his leg. Aorta, muscles and nerves went by and Joakim Ljunggren lost several pints of blood.

Yesterday was Joakim flown home to Sweden, which travel buddy and former “farm” -deltagaren, Alexander, Alan, was highly critical of .

“I personally refuse to let him go with a flight where the risk is that he does not arrive alive,” wrote Alexander Alan on Facebook Thursday.

Daughter: “The leg is completely blue “

Just when the plane would lift burst an artery of Joakim Ljunggren’s bones and blood gushed. The doctor and the insurance company had made a miscalculation, says television profile’s daughter, Hannah Ljunggren; 23.

– Something burst in dad’s leg yesterday when he would be flown home. The plane was just about to take off and it started to gush blood from the leg. He took an ambulance to the hospital in Thailand and made a small operation. Today there has been complications. He has started to bleed and received a very strong pain. The leg is completely blue, she says.

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Right now cared for Joakim Ljunggren in a hospital in Pattaya. About five hours he should undergo critical surgery.

– They will anesthetize him and open up the entire leg to see what is wrong. They have not done before, they have tried to do as little as possible to his position is unstable. The operation is very critical, but it must be done if he is to come home, says her daughter.

TV profile’s daughters, Hannah and Mimmih Ljunggren, has begun searching flights, and is ready to fly to Thailand if it would required.

– We’re really sorry here at home, we try to keep up hope, because we have not gone down yet, because we have kept up hope all the time that he should come home. Now we will see what we will do, we have looked on air tickets to see if we need to take us down. It does not look so good right now.

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Family: “Now we have fought”

The sisters now have long struggled to bring his father, they even tried to get a Scandinavian doctors to Thailand.

– Now we have struggled and I have called SOS and insurance days around, I think they are a little half-sick of us.

The earliest on Wednesday, a Scandinavian physician is on site at Joakim Ljunggren in Thailand. But no one knows yet when Joakim Ljunggren will get the land on Swedish soil.

– Now we get to start over at square one again. Now it is not about days longer, but about weeks, I think, says his daughters.

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