Sunday, December 27, 2015

Horse Farmer: I have met a new girl from letters pile – Aftonbladet

Ridbonden Pontus Hugosson is the most popular participant ever in “Farmer Wants a Wife”.

But it did not click with any of the girls on TV.

– I have met a new girl from letters pile that was left over.

On Monday the accident happen.

– I was operated on day before Christmas Eve. They inserted a metal plate and eight screws in the arm, he said.

The horse beat Bucks

– We were three people with three horses. A horse jumped forward to another horse and I ended up in the middle. Then kicked one rear and I flew into my own horse and the hill, says Pontus Hugosson .

– I was hoping that there would not be so dangerous. But I knew I would have to go to hospital.

Pontus Hugosson, 25, in Kungsbacka has trained and competed with horses since the age of 12 years and also been involved in the Swedish U21 national team in eventing.

But now it becomes the stable for a while.

– Even if I would like so I will refrain. I bandaged up to the shoulder and it hurts. So I need to rest. I’m just trying to help what I can in the riding hall.

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Matches a girl

– The stitches should be taken in two weeks, and doctors said it should be a fairly quick healing. But the metal plate and screws will remain.

Ahead of “Farmer Wants a Wife” got Pontus around 350 letters from married-loving girls, a new record.

There was none of the four he chose. Though before the accident in the stable, something happened also on the front.

Pontus is reticent about what the girl outside the TV frame units.

– It has to feel right first, before we go out with it.

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