Saturday, December 26, 2015

Zemya Hamilton’s death – has suffered from MS – Expressen

Zemya Hamilton’s death.

The Swedish singer, who suffered from the disease MS, died the night of Christmas Eve 50 years old.

– Very Sorry to hear that, really sad, says Peter Cetera who collaborated with the singer.

It is Zemya Hamilton’s mother, who herself writes about her daughter’s death on Facebook, writes Västerbotten- the courier. Early on Christmas Eve died the Swedish singer after suffering from multiple sclerosis, ms.

Zemya Hamilton broke through in the late 80th century and became best known for the song “My arm around your neck” from the film “1939″. She also sang Peter Lemarcs song “If we’d never seen again” on their debut album “Spellbound”.

She also had great success in the US with the song “Hold On (Tighter To Love)” with the group Clubland on 90s.

Zemya Hamilton’s sister Gigi Hamilton, who has been part of the groups Freestyle and style.

Peter Cetera, who collaborated with the artist, was touched by the news.

– It was very sad to hear, really sorry to hear that, really, he says.

Marc Linner was a close friend of Zemya Hamilton. He says that she withdrew when she was diagnosed about 10 years ago, but they always kept in touch over the phone.

– how sick she was, she had her voice remained. You did not hear that she felt bad, we used to sing together on the phone, he said.

Marc Linner says that he and the relatives finally understood that Zemya Hamilton would not be healthy again.

– It reaches eventually a limit, she will not be able to be healed, healthy and become the person she was. But now she has peace, you could say, even if it is extremely tragic. They thought it would be prepared, but it is one can not, he says, and continues:

– We did not think it would end like this, it was not as it was intended.


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