Tuesday, December 15, 2015

First Swede in Vogueomslag in 40 years – Expressen

The Swedish rising star continues to impress.

Now, Alicia Vikander first Swede Vogueomslaget since the 70′s.

– I push myself hard , she tells Vogue. V

The Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, 27, has taken Hollywood by storm.

In 2015, she not only nominated for two Golden Globes for her roles in the films Ex Machina and The Danish Girl, now she is also the first Swede who graced the cover of Vogue in 40 years. Finally, a Swedish posed on the front was when the model Gunilla Lindblad did it in the 70s, writes Metro mode.

– I push myself hard, she says in an interview with the newspaper.

Alicia Vikander: “Mixed feelings”

Alicia Vikander has several major projects underway, while she worries that every movie should be the last.

– To be totally honest it is strenuous, how all the movies put on high. There are mixed feelings when all you’ve ever wanted to filmmaking embarking, at the same time you are afraid because everything happens at the same time. Suddenly you’re in a room with people you’ve looked up to for years. You wonder if you are good, if you have what it takes. You carry a concern, she says to the newspaper.

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Alicia Vikander has previously told of the anguish and the fear of losing his career.

– I suffer from constant anxiety that what I am now involved will not be forever. It’s a tough business. Very tough. And I am preparing all the time that something will go wrong, she said then to The Edit.

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Alicia Vikander Oscar nominee

Many industry experts see the Golden Globe as a rough guide to how Oscar jury will decide to distribute its figurines.

During the year, several major magazine highlighted Vikander as a new star in the acting sky. She also FORECAST be one of the candidates to win an Oscar.

– Next year, the Oscars will be interesting. I have worked a lot outside of public view for many years now. I think that will change. I expect to be busy. I’m ready to be a bit more well known, she said earlier this year for W Magazine.

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