Monday, December 14, 2015

Bråding: It is a word that goes straight to the soul – Aftonbladet

Actress Sanna Bråding reacted strongly when she saw the post on Samir Badrans Instagram with the words “Take a hoe.”

Now criticizes Samir Badrans fans her contribution, and mean that there is an “adult bullying”.

– Look at the big picture, it’s not about to hang a person, it is about showing a structural problem, she says.

On Sunday woke up 250 girls up and saw that they had been tagged as “whores” in a post on the former “Paradise Hotel” -deltagaren Samir Badrans Instagram.

True Bråding shared image on its own account and questioned Samir Badrans behavior – “He has thousands of fans. And many do not raise eyebrows, “she wrote.

Later, Samir Badran out with an apology in which he explained that he had logged on to social media friends’ phones, without logging out. According to him it is someone else who has written the post. He has renounced his role as ambassador for the Music Aid.

“I have tired”

After the apology had Sanna Bråding comments from his fans, something she talks about on her blog. The fans have questioned how she could expose Samir for “adult bullying” and how she could keep an innocent person.

In his blog post explains Sanna Bråding that it is not personal attacks. She criticizes the behavior.

– Look at the big picture, it’s not about to hang a person, it is about showing a structural problem, she says.

– I have tired that there are so few who dare not say what they feel and think that there is so much hatred. It’s a structure that we are accustomed. It’s enough. I can no more, no one takes it seriously.

“He has a responsibility”

True Bråding says that Samir Badran has a responsibility, even if it is not he who has written post.

– He has a responsibility that has so many followers. It’s like I accidentally give away the key of the radio studio and have the transmission technology in time. Everything is about responsibility, she says.

– It is not specifically against him. I’m just starting to get tired of it “okay he is innocent,” and then there are girls who have been tagged in public as whores and feel bad about it.

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“A word that goes straight to the soul”

One of the comments Sanna Bråding have received is: “Who the hell cares? There is a photo and a little meaningless text. If you have nothing else to complain about? “

In his blog responding to her comment:

” These are words that go straight into the soul. And there are words for hell many of us reminds us of a childhood filled with abuse, exploitation, rape & amp; bullying. The figures speak for themselves. Last year reported 20,300 sexual crimes against women in Sweden. The dark figure is at least double. None of those is a whore. All, however, a victim. So, no, it’s not meaningless words. “

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