Monday, December 14, 2015

Samir disclaims ambassador role – Aftonbladet

Samir Badran would have been an ambassador for Music Aid 2015th

After the offending post on Instagram he chooses to skip the assignment.

– I wanted to be a good representative for the Swedish people, but now chooses not to step into the ambassador role, he writes in an open letter.

During the night, was a Posts on television profile Samir Badrans instagramkonto where the followers were urged to “take a hoe,” which in Swedish means “tag a whore.”

In an open letter, he writes:

“I wanted to be a good ambassador for the Swedish people, but has now decided to step off the assignment. The risk is great that the focus ends up on this rather than on Musikhjälpens theme. I really hope the Swedish people will continue to engage in Musikhjälpen, that will I do, but in other ways during the week. “

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Here he explains the event:

“When I was in the US I dropped my cell phone in the water during the recording of a television program. After that, I had an old loan phone where neither Instagram, blog or Facebook could use. I logged therefore in through friends and acquaintances phones to update social media. I’ve probably forgotten to log out of any of these mobiles in the night Ia someone a picture of my Instagram with the text “Take a hoe.” I deleted the picture as soon as I saw it and now ask for apologies that this image has been on my account and to you who were tagged in the picture. “

” Understand that people get angry “

He also says that he understands that people react.

“I understand that people get angry over a place like this post, and it will be the rightly. Näthat is a huge problem and it often affects girls. I exposed myself to näthat and know just how it feels. I’m really sorry that my Instagram used to spread like that. “, He writes.

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Now, even “Music Aid” chosen to comment on the incident.

We think it is sad that Samir right now do not want to go in as ambassador, we wanted him to be there but respect his decision and support him. He will be in Musikhjälpen during the week in other ways and we are happy, says Petter Bragée, program manager and publisher SVT Malmö.

Samir Badran is also one of the artists in “Melodifestivalen 2016″.


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