Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BJÖRKMAN: Cosby will not escape – Expressen

Once, he was the whole world’s cozy and funny TV dad.

Therefore, the humiliation so great for the TV icon.

Bill Cosby will now go to court on suspicion of sexual assault. In the end, one could say, the accusations have been there long when woman after woman stepped forward and told. Yes, rumors were already 30 years ago, but then was Bill Cosby unassailable.

Bill Cosby was honored, loved and very respected. His career as a comedian began already in the 60s, but it was in the 80s, he became the world’s TV dad, Dr. Cliff Huxtable, in the comedy series “Cosby”, which even had a million viewers in Sweden.

“Cosby” was a family series, a fun and enjoyable comedy about Dr. Huxtable, his wife Claire and their five children of different ages. There were family problems depicted with warm humor, but this TV family in the upper middle class were not white, they were black. And viewer surveys showed that “Cosby” had a large white audience. Bill Cosby, who was the main protagonist and driving force in America’s first positive black hit series, became a hero.

So it was particularly difficult for women to be believed when they are 25 years later accusations.

Could well America’s most popular comedian, who played TV’s most beloved family man, be a cheap rapist, as with pills made beautiful women to the will of their victims.

The women were after money and publicity. It was what Cosby lawyers said, and threatened to sue for libel.

But the reality has finally caught up, more women have dared to talk about their unpleasant, sometimes misty experience.

Bill Cosby has remained silent, refusing to answer questions, and hoped that everything would blow over. But this autumn, people in the entertainment industry, which had previously supported him, retreated. This autumn also has several awards he received over the years been back.

Cosby lawyers engaged safe now for delaying the legal process.

However, humiliation, that he will not escape. TV icon Cosby have fallen long and hard.

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