Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gina dirawi: “It is historic and impressive” – ​​Expressen

gina dirawi satisfied with his work as julvärd.

Now, she talks about the nervousness – and the emotions after hatkommentarerna.

– I knew Now I have put myself in a situation that many will criticize, she says.

gina dirawi have had a busy day as julvärd SVT.

Even when gina dirawi was selected to become the SVT julvärd on Christmas Eve she was met by hatkommentarer on social media.

She said earlier that she was nervous before broadcast. Therefore, she is now grateful that it all went well.

– There is such a big day for many in Sweden, so it is so important to show that it does not matter where you come in from, who anywhere can sit on this couch, as long as you work hard, you are great hostess and has good heat and can convey it. It is historic and powerful, she says and continues:


– I am so happy and I’m grateful that it went so well. There has been so much emotion with all the trains have been. I just have not been nervous. It has been the feelings around it. I knew that now I have put myself in a situation that many will criticize and I’m used to, but I wanted to do a good job.

She says she wanted to prove to others like herself it certainly is possible for anyone to be julvärd.

– I wanted people to be proud that I’m sitting here, that people like me can look and say, “God, we can also sit there some day”. Now I hated for my faith, but in the future perhaps it need not be so, says gina dirawi.

“Do not think they are sitting and cheering”

In Expressen’s poll on the web where viewers split of Gina Dirawis performance. She received five wasps half of those who voted, while 32 percent thought a wasp.

– I am very happy for the reactions. Then I heard that some did not like it but they did not want me to sit here in the first place, but I knew that before. I do not think they sit and rejoice that I am sitting here, she says.

But she says that it does not concern her.

– I will never stop standing for who I am or ashamed of who I am. I will sit here steadily, making programs and run my thing. If people think it’s wrong because I have a different origin, there is nothing I should have to relate to. it is something that, as an adult may relate to the fact, think a little more of its values, she says.


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