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Jan Helin: I reduced salary “- Today’s Media

Today’s Media says Jan Helin about what makes him stop at Aftonbladet. Schibsted Sweden-president Raoul Grünthal now leads the race for his successor.

In today released Media bomb. January Helin, who previously directed sharp criticism at SVT, leaving the role of publisher for Aftonbladet. Instead, he was program director at SVT.

Today’s Media says Jan Helin thoughts of changing jobs has grown for a time. As he puts it, he has “a big job remains in the” after eight years as chief editor at Aftonbladet.

The question came directly from SVT’s president Hanna Stjärne.

before last weekend took in January Helin decision.

– I was asked by Hanna Stjärne for a few weeks since. Then there was a pretty quick decision, says Jan Helin Dagens Media.

Two factors played a role.

As the program director at SVT receives in January Helin including responsibility for news, society, sports and documentaries, which he calls “the most exciting media job” he could imagine.

First, know Jan Helin that the media manager is responsible for creating a situation that allows one to leave.

– I can do that in a situation where Aftonbladet is strong, and so do we today. We have a team in place that is extremely skillfully. That combined with that I got such an exciting offer made the stars were right, so that we can make this shift, says Jan Helin who adds that he is “honored” of the job offer on TV.

The debate on public services role in the media landscape has been raging in full force during the year. January Helin has been critical of the license-funded companies’ presence on Facebook and individual initiatives such as Edit.

Schibsted Sweden, Aftonbladet’s owner, created along with a number of other media companies “Public Service Commission” in order to focus on SVT’s and SR’s impact on the commercial media.

– It is an important discussion and debate, I think also continued. I have always been careful to say that the public service has an extremely important role in the media landscape, which will be even more important going forward. But I think that trench warfare that has sometimes been not so constructive.

Are you paying your TV license?

– Yes, I have done so long as I can remember. It should be cleant.

SVT several times at major news events, criticized for falling behind while the tabloids in recent years has invested heavily in building up its live television coverage.

On SVT, Jan Helin of Programme Director overall responsible just for news.

Lena Glaser will be responsible for the drama, culture and entertainment.

Jan Helin to entry in April, and therefore has a barely six months to consider how the SVT news reporting can be sharpened. He does not wish at this stage to go one on what needed to be done.

– I want to put myself in closer. There is tremendous skills on national television during major news events. The debate about the performance of which are, for example, after the attacks in Paris, I think that SVT has a healthy attitude to. It has an open criticism and a willingness to overcome in cases where they have been slow out.

What do you get paid?

– The I want do not go out with. But I do not change jobs to earn more money, but I reduced salary. It’s worth it because I am driven by that I’m so interested in the issues I’m going to work with.

What have you been most successful at Aftonbladet?

– It gets second review. But I’m proud of the journey that Aftonbladet has made from an analogue paper newspaper organization to the fully digital news organization that we are today. We have consolidated our position as Sweden’s primary source of news online. It has been a long and persistent job to make the cultural movement. Aftonbladet is strong in a turbulent time in the media market.

What are your biggest failure?

– There are many guaranteed. But I can not think of anything specific right now.

So what all media geeks are wondering – what happens with the pod “Mattsson Helin ‘?

– Haha. I have not taken a position on it and have not discussed it with Thomas.

Jan Helin’s temporary replacement takes over immediately. He himself “be available” for Aftonbladet until he takes on Swedish television on 18 April.

Jan Helin hope that after eight years as chief editor get some time off. If that happens, know January Helin what he should do.

– First, I’ll sleep it off, go to bed without having to think about what will be next season, first page, or an impending real time publishing. This has been a lot of fun, but also demanding job.

The reactions to the news of the day have been many. Even internally at Aftonbladet and SVT seems the news have struck like a bomb. January Helin concludes by sending greetings to colleagues at Aftonbladet, he will miss.

– I think so very much about them, he said.

Raoul Grüntahl, CEO, Schibsted Sweden and Chairman of Aftonbladet, was the one who had to take to Jan Helin’s resignation.

He would not reveal any details about when the meeting took place.

– It keeps me and Jan ourselves, says Raoul Grünthal to Dagens Media.

Since 2012, Jan Helin been a publisher, it is both the chief editor and CEO of Aftonbladet. A solution according to Raoul Grünthal was successful when Jan Helin has been able to combine the commercial and editorial work.

Schibsted is, however, in this mode, open the newspaper in the future may have a shared leadership.

– In this stage we do not lock us for anything, says Raoul Grünthal.

Jan Helin took over as editor in 2008, the year when the financial crisis hit with full force all over the world. The crisis also affected the media, whose advertising revenue was significantly impacted.

The transition to a digital news consumption has characterized his years at Aftonbladet. A conversion which also lead to significant nedbemanningar at Aftonbladet. January Helin was also quick to note that the paper newspaper’s days are numbered.

Raoul Grünthal highlights January Helin’s unsentimental and forward-looking leadership that his greatest strength.

– He had a clear Vision: we will be the leading digital news destination. With that makes it quite clear priority. We are then told that the digital is at the center making other decisions that otherwise are not easy to make, easier, and that means that in each decision can not have too much focus on saving paper magazine. Where Janne has been clearer than many other newspaper executives, says Raoul Grünthal and continues:

– In this industry, the focus is often on saving things rather than develop the opportunities that the digital means. January Helin has addressed the industry’s challenges in a proactive way.

Raoul Grünthal do not want to speculate on who will take over as Chief Editor and CEO of Aftonbladet. He leads the self process that will result in permanent solutions in the beginning of next year.

– Jan Helin has been a very good publisher, and it is sad to lose him. One thing that made good on Aftonbladet that there is a very strong team under him. Is there any time that this change should be made, it is now. The timing feels good.

Google’s Sweden-president Anders Berglund, former sales manager for Aftonbladet, recently announced his resignation.

Is there anyone you look at the CEO post?

– I do not want to focus on names now. We focus on the process, says Raoul Grünthal.


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