Saturday, December 26, 2015

Record power with new “Star Wars” – Vasterbotten Courier

The power is in truth the new movie “Star Wars: The Force awakens”. In all cases economically. Since the premiere on 16 December, the movie pulled in $ 890.3 million (close to € 7.5 billion) and is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars later on Sunday.

That means in this case that the film would be the fastest of all to reach the billion mark – one day faster than “Jurassic World”. Already in the past “Star Wars: The Force awakens” hit “Jurassic World” in terms of biggest box office success during its opening weekend.

Then still had “Jurassic World” helped by moviegoers in China, a key market where “The Force awakens “does not premiere until about a month.

The film cost $ 350 million to record and market. It also cost Disney more than $ 4 billion to buy the rights. Disney is planning two more films in the series and is also expected to draw in large amounts in toys and the like.


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