Friday, December 4, 2015

Original onset of teenage – Sydsvenskan

“The Diary of a teenage girl” is based on a partly autobiographical, illustrated novel by Phoebe Gloeckner. The film flashes to his model with beautiful animated, slightly psychedelic elements that portray Minnie’s feelings.

The story takes place in 1976 in San Francisco. Here live Minnie with their post-hippie mother Charlotte and her sister Gretel. A rigid former stepfather makes itself felt in the periphery and serves as a stark contrast to liberal, liberal drug Charlotte.

Kristen Wiig (“Saturday night Live, “” Bridesmaids “) plays her as a barely middle-aged bohemians with a great need for male affirmation. Alexander Skarsgard has nice solfège in the role of boyfriend Monroe sexy, slippery and irresponsible with ingestion finished look.

That’s right boundless adults Minnie has around him, and when she won her sexual spurs she is not itself to halt. The relationship with Monroe continues, just as lovely as destructive, while Minnie throws herself out among new peers.

This is the liberating enough, a film that neither the preaching of a teenage girl’s unruly appetite for life, or demonize wobbly adults. It gently follows with a liquid now, and we must draw our own conclusions afterwards.

Bel Powley plays Minnie as steaming of insolent discovery and rebellion. She is completely in the spirit of the time, an almost Suzanne Brøggersk protagonist, young and less fashionable but with the same will to take possession of her life on her own terms. She gets some hefty socks of course, but retains a core of direction. And she has her art: she signs, inspired by the radical cartoonist Aline Kominsky.

The film is a original development history and a rare fresh and tender debut .


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