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Petter leads Grammy: “Is so clearly terrified” – Expressen

The next difficult challenge waiting for hip-hop artist – this is Petter leading the Grammy Awards in 2016.

“I am so clearly terrified and nervous as hell but at the same time, I go in once challenges and this is hell a real one, “he wrote on Instagram.

There will be Petter Alexis Askergren, 41, who leads the Grammy Awards in 2016. At the end February, he stands at the Circus stage in Stockholm to host the live broadcast of the gala.

On his Instagramkonto he comments on the decision:

“Wish me luck. I do not know if I realize what I have done. I have agreed to host and lead Grammy gala brand yourself on 24 February 2016. I am so clearly terrified and nervous as hell but at the same time, I go in once in challenges and this is hell a real one . It is a great price that I have had the honor to win a few times. “

Petter:” Extremely tough “

1999 was awarded hip hop artist herself with prices Newcomer of the Year, Best Rock / pop male and Year lyricist. 2008 combed Petter home year’s hip-hop / soul.

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Petter writes on Instagram that he will do his best and meeting the audience with respect.

“In Sweden it is extremely tough to be an artist, musician, producer and songwriter since we really are really good music in this country. And constantly filled it on the wrist with new young talent. That said a great price. “

Last year was gina dirawi host for the gala.

Nominated for Grammy Awards 2016

The Grammy Awards will take place on 24 February and is broadcast live on BBC1. This year’s nominations presented on 17 December.

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During the Grammy Awards for Music 2014, held February 25, 2015 combed Tove Lo prize as Artist of the Year.

First Aid Kits album “Stay Gold” became the year’s album, and “Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo became the song of the year.

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