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After Nöjesbladet review – now depart Eurovision press officer – Aftonbladet

After Nöjesbladet Review: Now departing Eurovision press manager Jarmo Siim.

It tells himself in an emotional message on his Facebook page – but avoids mentioning that Nöjesbladet in Monday tried to confront him with more damning information.


Nöjesbladet have several articles to show that the Eurovision-press manager Jarmo Siims Facebook account used to send inappropriate messages to a journalist.

On Friday offered Nöjesbladet also Eurovision organizer EBU to examining the evidence through an independent IT expert from the EBU’s own auditors Price Waterhouse Cooper.

But late Monday announced Jarmo Siim instead that he will resign as chief press officer of the Eurovision-chief of the official site eurovision.tv.

Announced on Facebook

Jarmo Siim announced his resignation in an emotional post on his Facebook account that Nöjesbladet taken note of.

In the post he continues to assert his innocence but also stresses that he does not want the message quoted by the media.

What he does not mention is that Nöjesbladet as late as Monday sought him with information about his ethical behavior questioned long before the current Facebook message.

Eurovision-manager Jon Ola Sand said on Friday Nöjesbladet to Siim never before appeared biased against the Eurovision song contest. Therefore wanted EBU does not believe he made it this time, either.

Previous accused

But Nöjesbladet examination reveals Siim at least two occasions before has been accused of having acted inappropriately in the context for his Eurovision missions.

Already in 2013 was questioned Jarmo Siims ethical conduct in an internal EBU report that was distributed widely within the EBU and come both Jon Ola Sand in part, as the Junior Eurovision steering committee, the EBU’s top management and TV Union’s communications department.

Nöjesbladet has taken note of the report showing how Jarmo Siim used her position as press officer for the Eurovision Song Contest and the chief editor of eurovision.tv to promote their own private companies.

The report also mentioned that Mr Siim should have come with unfounded accusations against a Eurovision supporter and warned employees supporter.

But according to the internal EBU report was Siims allegations totally unfounded.

confirmed by the ESC event manager

On Monday tried Nöjesbladet confront Jarmo Siim with the allegations in the internal EBU report by phone, text messages and emails, but without getting an answer.

Later in the evening, he announced his resignation.

Jarmo Siim departs confirmed also on Facebook by Eurovision event manager Sietse Bakker. Bakker is also managing director of PR agency Wow Works as the EBU’s mission manages communication issues and the site Eurovision.tv and then it formally hired Jarmo Siim.

European Broadcasting Union , the European Broadcasting Union is the world’s largest association of national television and radio broadcasters who is the Eurovision Song Contest the main organizer.

Here are the Eurovision-managers:

Jon Ola Sand. Jon Ola Sand. Jon Ola Sand

Official title: Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest

Employee of the EBU as Supreme Head of the Eurovision Song Contest. Visible in the box in each shipment as confirming that polling passed entitled to.

Eurovision press manager Jarmo Siim. Eurovision press manager Jarmo Siim. Photo: Filip Meneses Jarmo Siim

Official title : Communications Coordinator and editor-in-chief of Eurovision.tv

Responsible of the EBU page for press inquiries and communications about the Eurovision song contest and moreover chief editor of the official race site Eurovision.tv

Jarmo is hired by the EBU via PR and event agency Wow Works that Sietse Bakker, CEO of.

Sietse Bakker. Sietse Bakker. Sietse Bakker

Official title: Event Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest

Trains originally fansajten ESCtoday.com before joining work for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. Since 2011 he is the competition’s events manager with primary responsibility for all arrangements around the TV coverage. He also runs PR and event agency Wow Works EBU contracted for diverse missions during Eurovision. It is through Wow Works by Jarmo Siim is hired to handle press inquiries and communications about the Eurovision Song Contest.


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