Thursday, June 25, 2015

Silvna Imam and Beatrice Eli commit – Göteborgs-Posten

The summer so far densest concert week was snot cold and cloudy does not deter everyone. It is not a record that looks Beatrice Eli and Silvana Imam – but they’re all the same here.

Most of the clientele is made up of younger ladies of the kind which might be called pop tarts of all others except themselves, with bangs, basketball shoes, and vinyl bags with varying motives hanging over the shoulder.

– I think there are many who identify themselves as feminists in the audience, says 21 year-old Emilia Zevgara watching the concert at a distance from one of the small stage of the square white benches.

– Both Silvana’s and Beatrice’s music is very much about it. Moreover, probably most people my age. It feels like they have many young fans.

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Later I find Patricia Aliaga Dewall, 20, glancing anxiously toward the stage when I start asking questions – perhaps she is concerned that the miss start of the concert.

She totally agree with Emilia’s analysis.

– They are ground-breaking and revolutionary, both in terms of opinion, both in the visuals of the show and the aural. Right now it might not be so many people here, but there will probably be a lot of people just when the show begins, says Patricia.

Neither Carolina Milding , 20, is especially worried that there is still sparse in the audience ocean. People turn up in time, she assures.

– Many look forward to seeing them perform together. Silvana I have followed a lot. It’s nice that there are female rappers that are political, says Carolina.

Both artists attracts however; For example, she has almost listened break Beatrice Eli album in the car during the past week, just to recharge before this evening.

When Beatrice Eli and Silvana Imam goes up on stage to pre wailsång and purple teaterrök, it turns out that Patricia and Carolina gets right about the audience. Young people come rushing from Liseberg walkways as if they had hitherto been busy with a lot of hide and seek at the amusement park, and – when Silvana Imam begins the Joint concert with her song Imam blazing disco lights – jumps to the newly created crowd suddenly in sync, as in a street dance workouts at Friskis & amp; Svettis.

“Up Fist, Liseberg!” shouts Sweden’s most hyped rapper right now, and his hands fly up. A bunch of serving at the mixing desk, dressed Silvana Imam-shirts, stands and screaming, just screaming out straight.

The evening has officially begun.

Facts: Vierge Moderne

Under the umbrella name Vierge Moderne, taken from a poem by Edith, appeared Beatrice Eli and Silvana Imam during Thursday evening at Liseberg.

According to information, the first and last time it happens.

Silvana Imam rap in Swedish, while Beatrice Eli makes pop music with English lyrics.


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