Thursday, June 11, 2015

Criticism of the Robinson-finals: “Rotten” – Aftonbladet

She was poked in the eye – and was voted out.

Now tell Denice Andree of disappointment after tonight’s final of the “Robinson – Love Edition”.

– He was there with his dirty fingers.

Tonight at 22.00 was settled “Robinson – Love Edition” in seventh grade. After David Stenroth and Mia Muukkavara went out into the obstacle remained only two pairs – Dan Spinelli Scala and Jennifer Elgeryd and Denice Andree and Pontus Hermansson .

Denice Andree marked the finale of terror. After she crossed the finish line in the obstacle happened to Pontus Hermansson namely, poking her in the eye when the pair were hugging.

– He came with his dirty fingers and happened to hit me straight in the eye. I actually thought that I would be blind, it was in terrible pain.

The doctors, however, could calm Denice Andree. She had scratched cornea but the wound would heal.

– It was still very scary, everything was just black.

Voted Out

However, it became Dan Spinelli Scala and Jennifer Egelryd who won the obstacle, and which ultimately took home the “Robinson – Love Edition” after seven of the participants voted on who would win the program.

– When we crossed the finish line as the winner of the final race, it felt as we had it, I think you hear on both mine and Dans victory roar. We were so happy and relieved. But it seems crazy that we won, says Jennifer Egelryd.

Especially much love it was not in the “Robinson – Love Edition”.

– No, at least not on island. But it got better when we got home and got some food in the stomach.

Are you seeing someone?

– No, I’m still a desperate single, haha .

Found love – after the

Richard Lundström and Denice Andree has gone better with love.

– They are a pair then a while back. Since it is a bit different here and there but no details!

Jennifer Egelryd says she’ll be smart and save their share of the profit, SEK 250 000.

– I’ll try to buy an apartment, it’s expensive. But something fancy and expensive I’ll go shopping.

Denice Andree says she is satisfied with her performance, and that Dan Spinelli Scala and Jennifer Egelryd are worthy winners. Despite this, she is unhappy with the way the finals went to.

– It’s damn hard to seven bitter participants I and Pontus have knocked out will determine who will win. It had been fair if the Swedish people, or at least all the participants had to vote. The winners based on the bitterness of what has been said is pretty rotten.

Have there been a lot of fuss about you?

– We who have stuck together bonded on really and Jennifer is my best friend today. But it was pretty much bickering and it sits well remain low even though we said we would leave it behind us after the program. What happened is so deeply rooted. I’m not really good friends with Melissa, for instance.

You are at least one of the few who found love in “Robinson”.

– Yes, but it happened when we got home. It became even friendship that became more than that. We are the only one that is an official couple today.

“Robinson – Love Edition” airs on Seven.


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